Our Children are Precious

In the last couple of weeks she has heard about parents leaving their children in the car with the high temperatures. How can you not know that your children are in the car? How can you turn a blind eye to not making sure that your children are safe at the proper places? She cannot understand how parents can leave their children in the car while they go grocery shopping, go into a bar, and go to work or anything else to that nature before making sure that your children are safe from harm.

People like this should not have children because they are not ready for them and are only thinking about themselves. It saddens her to hear about some foolish parent that decided to leave their child in a car, leave them in the trash or something else to that effect. Come on when the world has children having children something needs to be done. Parents start being parents know what your child is doing, where they are and who they are with. Do not allow them to have sex until they are married. What happened to the world? It is like parents are excited that their little girl is pregnant at such a young age. It is the normal of the world and no one says anything.

She has seen 13 year old girls having children when they should be worried about school and the fault of this lies on the parents for letting their little girl have sex, and hang out with boys. She has a teenage girl and she is so glad that she homeschools because she would be learning more than what she needed to know going to public school. She also has two teenage boys and they are not interested in girls at the present time. Thank goodness they will enjoy their life without the stresses of the teenage life. Some people say that they resent her because they do not have friends. You know what they tell her they love her every day and that they are thankful for being homeschooled. When they get older and out of the house that is when they can have friends maybe by that time they will be able to pick out the good people instead of following the crowd. Teenager’s do not need to worry about boys, kissing, sex, or anything else but getting an education and making something of themselves in this world.

Back in the old days boys courted the girls, asked dad for permission to take his daughter out, asked permission to marry her, and many other things. Sexual intercourse was reserved for the wedding night not the second date. Back then they did not show affection out in public because it was meant to stay private. Now, they post all about it on Facebook, and other social media’s. She can remember working at Burger King and some ladies were coming through the drive thru talking about their night and the employee’s inside were listening to ever detail. People do not think about the things that they say in public, and they surely do not care what they do in public. No one wants to see you making out in public that is what they make rooms for instead of flaunting it out in public.

There is nothing wrong with being old-fashioned in your way of thinking and you certainly do not have adhered to the current way of doing things in this world. Parents need to raise their children with morals, modesty, and to think about what they are doing before something bad happens. You cannot get on Facebook anymore without people posting pictures of them in bikinis, bra and panties, posing in provocative poses, and other things like that. It is insane to exploit yourself like this because of the perverted people that are in the world today. Just think about who is using your pictures and do you want to think about how they are using your pictures? Come on this is a sick world we live in and no one seems to care about the outcome.



Motives have a lot to do with all that you do in your life. You have to be motivated to do things in your life. Enemies have a motive to harm you in every way possible. Throughout the world people help the homeless and is a good motive because they want to help those in need. She often wonders what motivates people to be heartless, and uncaring to the hurtful things they do to others in the world. People like this are usually only concerned about themselves and not thinking about how the other person is feeling about the situation at hand. Everyone has motives that have some type of impact on their life. What they do to lessen that impact is up to them. If you do not have the desire to make a difference in your life and you do not ask for help from others you have no one to blame but yourself. There are plenty of people who have it worse off that you do and you have to remember that you are not owed anything in this world. You have to work for it if you want it to happen in your life. No one is going to give you anything that you want but yourself.

Types of Motives

There are many different types of motives in this world the motive to murder, rape, steal, drugs, alcohol, embezzling, extortion, and the list could go on and on throughout the world these things are happening and the people doing these things have only one thing on their mind themselves. Sometimes there are problems within the persons brain that causes these types of actions. Most of the time these actions are carried out by games, depression, anxiety, childhood issues, tumors, and many other things. Drugs are the most common form of violence because once you are hooked on the drug you lose control of your thoughts, and actions. Being impaired by these drugs can cause you to do things that you would normally not do if you were not impaired by the drugs. Games that children, teenagers, and adults play for the amusement allow the person to think that it is okay for them to do these types of things because they are stuck in the fantasy world. They play these games for hours, and days on end without stopping. This changes the way that your brain is thinking and reacting to things in the real world because they are in the mindset of the game.


Everyone judges people in this world you are judging them on how they react, how they talk, and many other things because you want to protect yourself and your family from harm. Who knows how people are  going to react in this world you could say something and it makes them go insane. You could do something that they do not like and they could go off the wall. You could deny them a date and they would go on a killing spree. People in this world have too many issues going on in their life and you never know when someone is going to just pop and do something crazy. You have to judge people every day because you want to know in your mind that this person is not going to do harm. This is how people make decisions in their life to keep them safe from harm. You have to listen to your little voices in your mind that tell you this is something that you do not need to do.


Sometimes you think someone is not capable of doing harm but in retrospect they have done harm to someone in their life. There are many different types of harm throughout the world like mental, physical, verbal, bullying, and many other things that you could harm people with in the world or your life. It is crazy but at one point in everyone’s life at least one type of this has done harm to their personality, perspective, and outlook on their life. It is what you do with what has happened to you throughout your life when you finally break free from those harmful aspects. Many people take these things with them throughout their life without thinking about the consequences it will carry later on in their life. You have to make peace with the things that have happened and move on with your life because you are living for yourself or your family.

Tell Yourself

You are great! You can do anything! You will not live in fear! You will not succumb to their level! You will live a happy and fulfilling life! You are a wonderful person! You are your own boss! You do not bow down to anyone! You do not have to put up with anything that you do not want to in your life. You are meant for greater things in your life and you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. You do not have to put up with someone telling you what to wear, where to go, what to do, and how you live your life. You have to stand up for yourself and what you want out of life.