Moving on with your future!

During the process of your life things do not always go your way. When you finally, grow up, get married, have children, and start a life of your own things change. Sometimes, you are not ready for the obstacles that come your way. People you love go onto a better place and leave the world behind with only the next generations to carry on their own. Leaving legacies behind and preserving traditions that are passed down throughout the years.  

People take many things for granted, and are never happy with their life. It is because they have nothing to live for and no desire to make things better in their life. You have to want to do better in order to get better with what is going on in your life.

You know when we turn on the television to watch the news there is nothing good on there most of the time. It is like a horror story unruffling  right before our eyes. No matter what time you turn it on there is always something bad happening. Now do not get me wrong you have to watch the news in order to stay current with what is going on in the world today. However, the news also hypes everything up to make people panic about anything.

Not a day goes by that she does not think about her mother with all the good, bad, and awesome times they had before she went away. Sometimes she sits around and talks to her mother like she was there with her listening to all the stories she had to tell about the happenings that go on in her life. Then she is reminded that her mother is watching her from above but with her in her heart.

It is saddening to her to know that she will never be able to hug, kiss, and wish her mother a goodnight because she has gone to that better place where she is not in any pain and not suffering from the disease that took her from her family so soon.


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A New Year and A New Beginning

As the New Year comes in there have been some changes in my life that is going to be better for my family. With that being said, I have come to realize that with more responsibility you do not have enough time in the day to write as much as you would like to. The long days of working a full-time job, and homeschooling the children makes harder to write and keep up on things that you want to do.

The future holds some great challenges that will takes every ounce of energy that  I have to make it the best year.  A new promotion at work.  This is something that I have waited for the past few years. I am proud of the accomplishments that I have done the past few years. However, this is the best one of all accomplishments because I am a unit manager.  I have made it to the corporate world. 

Through everything you go through in life something  always makes it better.  If you believe in everything that you do good things will happen and you will achieve your goals that you put in place.  Life is unpredictable and you have to go through  the obstacles that come your way but you will come out stronger and ready for anything else that comes your way. 

Life is about making sacrifices and working towards something better on your life.  Not only for yourself but for your family.  You cannot worry about other people because you have your own family to worry about, and making sure that they have everything they need is your first priority.

In the end everything will turn out for the better.  You will have a great year,  and make goals to achieve in the upcoming year. Of course, there will be new challenges,  and obstacles to overcome in the New Year but you will manage to break through those challenges, and obstacles to reach the outcome that you desire.


Consequences for everything

You know people do not realize that within the world you have consequences for everything that you do in life.  Some people know that you have these challenges in your life such as peer pressure, trying to fit in with the cool crowd, and having friends.  Other people want to go out and party all the time with their friends or try to make new ones.  They are not concerned about the future and where they want to be five years from now.

Throughout your life you have to make decisions and sometimes those decisions do not have the right path. The only thing that you have to think about is where you want to be five or ten years down the road. You have to make the right choices for you and your family. The world does not revolve around you and you are responsible for the actions you take in your life.  You cannot blame others for the way your life turns out.  You have to work hard for the things that you want and you cannot complain when your life does not go in the direction you want it to go. Only you can make changes in your life to make it better.

It does not matter what you have been through it is how you get yourself out of the mess you are in with making changes to your life. Working hard to achieve all that you can and to be the best at everything that you do. You cannot worry about what people think about you or what they say about you especially if you are working towards your goals in life.  You control everything in your life and we all make mistakes but if you do not learn from the mistakes that you make then you will find yourself in the same place all over again. 

Random Thought throughout the Day! Part 2

Okay this is a work in progress continued from a previous post! Please feel free to comment. Trying to get into my creative mindset!


The crazy woman in the cabin in the woods decided to go into town again to pick up some things that she was low on to keep her stocked throughout the upcoming winter months. In the midst of going to town she stopped at that little kitchenette shop that she loved going to for lunch. The little kitchenette in this small town had a delightful menu. She decided to go with the club sandwich, and fries with a diet coke.  As she is sitting there waiting for her food to arrive she looks around at the locals having their lunch as well. She relives the memories of the terrible things that she has done in the past few months. She tries to remember why she came to this point in her life. Why she was targeted in the city was because of the things that she saw other people in the firm do to get their way. The voices in her mind were not going away without the medication that she was supposed to take. Of course, she does not take her medication the way that she should because of the side effects it has on her.

She would rather live with the voices in her mind because that is all that she knows at this point in her life. A woman of around 40 who thought she had it all living in the city is now in a solitude of living in a cabin in a small town where she does not know anyone so to speak. She finally sees the waitress bringing her food to her and she asks the waitress for another refill on her diet coke. She gets her plate ready moving her fries to one side so that she can put some ketchup on the plate to dip the fries in, opens up her sandwich to put some mayonnaise on it and some salt and pepper for flavoring. As she sits there eating her lunch she could not help but to notice a man sitting by himself about her age, eating the same thing as she was trying not to make eye contact she studies him for awhile. although she did not say anything to him because they seemed like they were studying each other. As she was finishing up her meal, she paid for her bill, and decided to make her way back to her cabin.

On the way to the cabin as she is driving she thinks about the things that have transpired over the last couple of months. Why would she do something like this to other helpless people? She at one time was disgusted with people who did these types of things to other people. here she was doing the same things that she disgusted in other people. She locked herself up in that cabin all the time except for the few times she needs to go into town. As she arrives at the cabin she has to take the stuff into put them up. She decides to sit down and write about the events in her life going through papers from when she worked in the city, emails she had received, correspondence letters that came to her through the firm, and other information concerning the time that she had spent at the firm. She still cannot believe that they have not caught onto what those people were doing while working at the firm. How could she have worked for a company so long that did not have a clue to what their people were doing. It does not make any sense you would think that the people who run the place would see what was going on and what they did for years at a time. The murder of people who would not do the things that they were asked to do by these crazy people, filling their heads full of things that were not true, and would drive them to the brink of craziness.

Random Thoughts Throughout the Day! Part 1

This is still a work in progress. It is just random thoughts while writing. It is quite amazing how your story ends up going in different directions when you write.  Feel free to comment, and criticize all you like! The children laughed about how this story ended up where it did! Crying faceRolling on the floor laughingOpen-mouthed smile 

Living in the country is different than living in the city. Looking over the mountains you cannot see much except trees and more trees. Scenery in the city is nothing but buildings, and skies nothing much at all. In the morning you can see the sun rise and come up over the mountains, and in the nighttime you can see the sun go down covering the mountains in all its beauty. You can gradually, seeing the sunset which is a beautiful experience and one that lasts forever. Leaving the mountains behind is a hard choice because of the simple origin it has become over the years, and the atmosphere it has on you. Surprises all around you from wildlife, flowers, and fruits you may find. Invigorating smells from the flowers that can be smelled from miles away. Never will you see much beauty as you will in the mountains. In giving yourself to the special moments you will have surrounded by leaves and other things that you would come across in the woods. She knows the older folks that can tell you wonderful stories about how the scenic spots have come about in their small country town. The inner city schools that make sure that their children have a good and never ending education. It is surprising that everyone knows everyone by greeting new people with enthusiasm and welcoming them to the loving community that they live in. What a wonderful place to live out in the country where you have to drive several miles to reach shopping centers or other places like hair salons, electric company, inside yard sales or flea markets that have everything that you need to make your new home livable for your family. In generating income from your home based business it gives you the chance to learn more about the people that you live around and occasionally some that you do not want to know about but separating you from the ones that could do harm to your family.

Literally speaking about the people in this small town it is always fun to think about the different types of people so engulfed in their own little world that they cannot see the other side to anyone’s story. They seem to think that they are energetic to live their life the way that they think they should never thinking that they could be so much more than what their inner minds have to say about the situation at hand even in nurturing their children to reach their full potential by giving them the education and love that they need in this loathing world. Managing to raise their children and keep insisting that they make something of themselves without all of the services that the government has to offer. Instead they trample on every notion to keep the free things in their exciting life because that mean that they do not have to work. Never underestimate the will power of those who think inherently about the things that they do not have to do. Never mind that they have children or responsibilities in their gradually pitiful life. Just because they have everything luxurious in their meaningful life they do not want for inner peace and sustainability within their surroundings. Surely people want more out of their life than to think that their life is nothing more than pills, or other drugs. Eventually this will catch up with them and destroy the never-ending fulfillment of their despicable life on this inherent world of propaganda and trends of the newest models, superstars, and everything else getting in the way of making their life means something. She knows that in leaving their legacy behind for future generations.

Listening to people talk about their life is fun to some degree and eventually they let things out about their life that you would not adherently think about if they had not said anything. Fortunate no one thinks before they speak most of the time they just talk in case someone is listening to what they are saying. It could nevertheless backfire in their face because they could be talking to government people about their life and say something out of tune. Which would leave them scrambling to clean up the mess that they have made. Early one morning she goes to work to hear some stories from associates that do not relate to her in anyway, fashion, or form. Noticing that most of these associates talk about her when in the end she will find out about it anyway because she never suspects the person who tells her what is said about her is giving the person time enough to change her story when confronted. Learning more about the people around you that saying anything exhibits the ability to deceive others in a not so fashionable way  Apparently no one would have thought that she had it in her to act nonetheless in the way that she did comparing her life with others. In the beginning she was well known for making the most of the never ending drama and piling it up on someone else to help her grieving self through the problems that haunt her all the time. Loyalty is something that she does not know much about eventually she will lock herself up in a cabin far away in a well-known place where no one will find her and spend none of the inheritance that she received from dear old dad. In the end of the sorry life she leads she ends up with nothing but solitude of looking at walls and other garbage that has accumulated over the years of her life.

Many people believe that she tends to over exaggerate everything in her life to make up for not doing anything to begin with in her life. Looking back she seemed to be very self-conscious about intending to do something with her life. However, things went wrong somewhere along the line leaving her to wither away with selflessness in her heart. She is only worried about herself and never able to commit to things for a very long amount of time. Meaningful memories surpass through her mind never to evict herself from those memories leaving her in wonderment. Listening to the voices that fill her brain trying to make insightful decisions about what she is thinking and feeling so many thoughts going through her lifeless brain. How to separate the thoughts is one of the biggest questions to advert her attention onto something else before she goes massively insane from the thoughts racing through her mind. Everyone knew that eventually she would go crazy and live her life alone in the cabin in the woods by herself. Instead of making her life what she wanted she listened to stupid people and thought that they were cool to hang around sadly she found out the truth about her so called friends and knew that she had made some bad choices about her mistaken friends. Later on in the year she runs into an ex-boyfriend that say all the right things and leads the loving woman down the wrong road again without warning insisting to put all of her belongings in his name as beneficiary. However, after a few months she decides to not put the items supposedly in his name because he has become a figment assertion of her imagination which does not exist.

Before she has ran into her ex-boyfriend from years ago, and in reporting the interesting news from the past experiences she yearns for something substantial in her life as she lives in the so called cabin in the woods. Throughout the years everyone occasionally ran into her in town as she was shopping for items needed to survive in her cabin in the smoky mountains like bread, rice, beans, potatoes, and other necessities she needed she readily was searching for expensive items that could not be bought yearly because they had to be ordered from Spain and Europe. So it took a while for those items to arrive in the small town. One day she was going to pick up her items and stopped to notice one of her old associates from the firm she had been working at earlier in her late 20’s. Although she could not remember the associate name she remembered her face. The associate yelled “Hey you” how are you doing? It’s been awhile since she worked with her she asked how have you liked living on the country side instead of the city side? She replied doing nothing but enjoying life without the battling and the struggles of breaking your back working all the time for companies who reward people for doing nothing but stealing from them. One of the voices in her mind is saying “Shut-Up” before you say something wrong. She says her goodbye’s and walks away thinking about over kill about the previous company she worked for. Back to never land at her cabin in the woods by herself with no link between the two lives’ that she has led in her pointless reality of solitude. She is once again alone with no one yet again. What does she think about her life now?

Dealing with her emotions and thoughts has been a trying experience but one that she can overcome. The kitchenette shop that she frequently visits has some amazing food and open until nine o’clock in the evening. She sometimes will talk to some of the locals about what there is to do around town. Although most of the things to do involve driving to another place to visit. She has been told that the actuary is a nice place to visit although she can never know the distance if she does not make the effort to go on an outing to another town maybe she would discover things that she did not know about the outlying towns. After dinner she decided to head back to her cabin to desert the people in her mind that keep replaying all the things that she has done wrong in her life. By knowing that other people poke around in her past and oddly enough use it to their advantage to keep her from thinking that they are not the ones hurting her in the other armories and eventually drives her back to the edge of dependency from her sane state of mind. She imagines a life that is free from reassurances from her past knowing that it could possibly kill her because of the outlandish information that she holds close to her heart. Thinking that no one knows where she is at and that at any moment she could go bat crap crazy on someone. Dependent on those who knew her and what type of person she used to be she is reliant to keeping those secrets knotting up in her mind driving her to write about it over and over? “They will kill me if I speak” all over the place.

Documented papers to prove the information that could lead anyone to the whereabouts of where she is staying in the woods. Very seldom does she see anyone coming up her road but in the stillness of the day with the wind blowing a dark Saturn pulls up in her driveway. She scrambles around defenselessly trying to hide all the paperwork and writings around her cabin just in time before someone knocks on the door. Very slowly she looks out the peep hole on the front door to identify a woman that she had met in town. She wanted diversion to make her think that no one was home. She demanded that she opened the door and she wanted answers about why she had been snooping around and vividly asking questions about certain things that she insisted on know the answers too. She just stood at the doorway hoping that the woman would go away. The desire to make things right has turned into a life living away from everyone in the world because of the violent veracious information that she has gathered throughout the intriguing years of snooping around to conclude the details of her findings will the truth be revealed with detailed information of years of theft, cruelty, poor management and many other things or will she die without a word or vulnerability. The length that she has taken to finding the identification of the ones that hurt her so badly seems disheartening to say the least no one can truly know what disaster she has created in her cabin in the woods. Therefore, no one will ever know the truth about the violent crazy woman who lives there by herself.

The sign are there in the midst of the woods when anything could go wrong at any moment she is going to snap more and more thoughts clouding her mind and what does it mean when people start to go missing people that she knows. Yelling and screaming but no one hears to the cries of what the woman is doing to the people who went for a quiet adventure through the woods. In the cellar of her home mom and dad of the child in the bedroom locked up missing her parent’s heaven knows what happening to the young girl’s parents. She does not have time to think about the crazy woman who is holding her parents hostage. any moment the woman is going to bring her dinner mainly to check to make sure she is not doing anything like sending a message to passer buyers that you might see out the cracks of the windows in the top of the cabin is a nook that the woman is aboding the child while her parents are three rooms below. Meaningless cries from the parents for the woman to move them closer to their children to make sure they are okay. You never know how someone will react to certain things the woman seems like she has been through a lot but anything you say makes her repeat the same thing. More people will die whether you like it or not. Again More people will die whether you like it or not. After years of not being noticed for promotions all of the theft, blackmail, letters, corruption, and no one noticed a think about the crazy woman who moved to the main cabin in the woods. How crazy is she will you find out? 

Somewhere in the midst of everything that has happened she actually enjoyed time by herself. The parents and children returned finally to their own homes after being held for months and abducted by the crazy woman in the woods and they will hold this experience close to their heart. It was sad to see that happen to such good people and the aggravation of all the things that happened in the riveting night. It is said that the woman in the apartment down the road had seen the woman that hides herself in the cabin most of the time except during shopping time when she heads down into town to acquire the goods necessary to making it through the real bad winter that the mountains have this time of year. Another few months have gone by and the woman holds anyone that comes to her door for quite some until she is ready to let them go. it is amazing that the people have made it out of there retain their bad experience instead of telling the actions of what the woman did to them while holding them hostage for months on end. It is surprising that they were able to go back to the actions of their life without the drama and rational expressions of their ordeal with her anguished over the disappearance of one of her heavenly good friends. She finds herself in the solitude that led her to the cabin in the woods amazing enough everyone thought that she really did not have anyone in her life until!


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The Lovely Splendor of the Outdoors 2

0715141716a One of the baby hawks that is living in the heritage oak tree that is in our front yard.

0604141229a Beautiful flowers that you can look at during the spring, and summer months.

0604141229 The best picture of the flower’s in our front flower bed this year! I absolutely love these flowers.

0604141228 An Absolutely beautiful piece to the flowers in the our front flower bed.

0604141228a Multi-colored and with radiant beauty. I love having beautiful flowers to look at throughout the year.

0616141923 Our lovely garden that we have planted this year! Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Squash, Zucchini, and Peppers!

1402964690386Rows of beauty and waiting for them to produce the goods.

Winding Roads Of Beauty

You know living in the mountains presents you with the beauty and scenic brilliance. The roads are windy and seem like they never stop. The beauty of the mountains can leave you with the feeling of completeness. Stepping out on your porch to see the mountains with the sun shining on them with all their might. The place that you can call home and where everyone knows everyone.


A flock of black birds searching for their next meal right after a rain. Watching them fly here and there trying to find worms, and other insects. What a wonderful experience to watch.


What a day sitting in your kitchen watching the black birds fly around trying to find those scrumptious insects. The beauty of the mountains and wildlife that you can observe throughout the day.


The storm clouds are coming in fast! Looks like it is going to be bad weather, and you never know when that is going to happen. When you live in a small town you never see your town on the news unless something bad has happened.


The clouds move fast through the sky with no rain to speak of at this moment. Any minute it could just start pouring down the rain without warning. The sound of the rain hitting the metal roof will sooth anyone of any stress that they have at that moment. A beautiful sight to see if you have the chance to take the picture.


Our Children are Precious

In the last couple of weeks she has heard about parents leaving their children in the car with the high temperatures. How can you not know that your children are in the car? How can you turn a blind eye to not making sure that your children are safe at the proper places? She cannot understand how parents can leave their children in the car while they go grocery shopping, go into a bar, and go to work or anything else to that nature before making sure that your children are safe from harm.

People like this should not have children because they are not ready for them and are only thinking about themselves. It saddens her to hear about some foolish parent that decided to leave their child in a car, leave them in the trash or something else to that effect. Come on when the world has children having children something needs to be done. Parents start being parents know what your child is doing, where they are and who they are with. Do not allow them to have sex until they are married. What happened to the world? It is like parents are excited that their little girl is pregnant at such a young age. It is the normal of the world and no one says anything.

She has seen 13 year old girls having children when they should be worried about school and the fault of this lies on the parents for letting their little girl have sex, and hang out with boys. She has a teenage girl and she is so glad that she homeschools because she would be learning more than what she needed to know going to public school. She also has two teenage boys and they are not interested in girls at the present time. Thank goodness they will enjoy their life without the stresses of the teenage life. Some people say that they resent her because they do not have friends. You know what they tell her they love her every day and that they are thankful for being homeschooled. When they get older and out of the house that is when they can have friends maybe by that time they will be able to pick out the good people instead of following the crowd. Teenager’s do not need to worry about boys, kissing, sex, or anything else but getting an education and making something of themselves in this world.

Back in the old days boys courted the girls, asked dad for permission to take his daughter out, asked permission to marry her, and many other things. Sexual intercourse was reserved for the wedding night not the second date. Back then they did not show affection out in public because it was meant to stay private. Now, they post all about it on Facebook, and other social media’s. She can remember working at Burger King and some ladies were coming through the drive thru talking about their night and the employee’s inside were listening to ever detail. People do not think about the things that they say in public, and they surely do not care what they do in public. No one wants to see you making out in public that is what they make rooms for instead of flaunting it out in public.

There is nothing wrong with being old-fashioned in your way of thinking and you certainly do not have adhered to the current way of doing things in this world. Parents need to raise their children with morals, modesty, and to think about what they are doing before something bad happens. You cannot get on Facebook anymore without people posting pictures of them in bikinis, bra and panties, posing in provocative poses, and other things like that. It is insane to exploit yourself like this because of the perverted people that are in the world today. Just think about who is using your pictures and do you want to think about how they are using your pictures? Come on this is a sick world we live in and no one seems to care about the outcome.

350 Followers and More to come!!!!!


You know when starting this blog in October of 2011 her heart was not in writing. Of course, there were some obstacles to overcome before she could fully invest her time in writing other articles instead of just writing in her journal. A couple of years had gone by without working on the blog that she first created. It was not until recently in 2013 that she finally took the initiative to write because it makes her feel good. She loves to inspire others with her writing. She did not think that people would read the things that she wrote about and thought that they would not find it that interesting.

Therefore, starting her writing back up again she decided that she would just write for herself and let everything else fall into place. She started out with only 5 followers when she first started and now here in 2014, she is at 350 followers which is a huge experience for her because that means that she has 350 reader’s that she must keep in mind when she is writing. It has turned out to be a wonderful experience and one that she hopes will flourish into something bigger later on in the future. She is happy with the outcome of her newly found hobby and the excitement of having an audience such as this can be overwhelming at first but with time all things come together when they mean too.  

It is an indescribable feeling to log onto your blog and find that people around the world have viewed your materials. Although many do not leave a comment and that is fine it is nice that some people leave some type of comment. It is an inspiration to have this many readers who actually like the things that she writes about and she loves to hear what others have to say.  Sometimes when she writes she does not think that people will enjoy reading that type of article. However, she is surprised when she finally gets a few likes on the article. She knows that you have to publish something every day and sometimes that is hard to do because you do not know what to write about that would peak an interest into the reader. However, she tries to make at least one or two posts because that is the ritual that she needs to have in order to accomplish her goals as a writer.

She hopes that one day she will become an author of a book that she is working on. Although with everything going on in her life with homeschooling, work, writing, and other things she manages to make time for everything that she wants to accomplish in the upcoming years. She loves writing about personal experiences, inspiration, college, and anything else that intrigues her. She looks forward to reading other posts from the people who follow her and enjoys some of the tips, and advice that they have to offer.

Thank you all for following this blog it is gratifying to know that others enjoy the articles that she writes not only for herself but for others as well.

The inspiration to keep you motivated to Write

The littlest things in your life can give you inspiration to be motivated throughout the day. You may be at work and something funny that your children has said brings a smile to your face. Watching the people come and go throughout your business might cause you to break a smile or even into a laugh. You may look at your children and think about something that they have said to you over the years. It sparks a story that you write about in your journal and then read it to them. Sometimes it may be something that someone else has told you at your job, at a dinner, at a party or something else. No matter where the inspiration comes from you find the motivation to keep writing about anything and everything that you can. After all what else do you have to look forward to when you get home from work, school, and anything else that you have done in the course of your day.

Of course, everyone has their moments of just sitting around enjoying the nice summer days, spring days, or even the winter days just to lock up the motivation for one day is not a bad thing. Motivation comes in spurts and you can accomplish many things when you are motivated especially when it is something that you want to do. When she talks about her writing to others they always say they do not have time to do that. They do not have the patience to sit down and just write about anything. It is funny that in homeschooling the children they started to say the same thing however, you have to make time to do the things that you want to do. She makes time to write every day in her journal, on her blog, in her book, and it could be about anything that has happened in the course of her day.

Sometimes when she stops to re-read some of the things that she has written in the course of her day from whatever motivational tool she used it brings a sense of humor, and possibly even a demented sense of thought. A couple of months ago she was writing about the mountains and how country life is by the time she was a few pages into the writing the story turned to a demented woman who lived in a cabin in the woods, and was physiologically imbalanced from things that she had seen in the city. It seems silly but you know the motivational tools that you use when you write may lead you to several different scenarios before you come up with the one that you want to use within your story, book or article.