The Four Friends

Photo by Travel Suisse on The Four Friends Carrie, Tammy, Shelia, and Gretta were best friends since kindergarten. They did everything together: they played, studied, shopped, and gossiped. They had their own secret code, their own handshake, and their own nickname: the Four Friends. They were inseparable until high school. That's when things started … Continue reading The Four Friends

Writing Styles

Everyone writes differently, and your writing defines how you perceive the world and surroundings. Writing; comes naturally to some, and the words flow from their mind onto whatever they are using at that moment. During the writing, you see a book about different topics to write about; to get a start; writing on the sides … Continue reading Writing Styles

Inflation at the Finest

Photo by Pixabay on Well, now; that we are fixing to be going into the spring and summer months, our electric company decided to sell out to Florida Light and Power. They have now raised the energy bills we went, from a 200 dollar electric bill in January to 400 dollars in February; she is … Continue reading Inflation at the Finest