Hello, my name is Tammy Hopkinson I am the mother of three wonderful children. My family is what keeps me motivated in pursuing the dreams that I have for my future. Education, when I was going to high school, did not impress me all that much as well as with other people that I know. I dropped out of high school in 1994, which was a bad move on my part as I realize this now.

So finally, in 2004 I decided to go get my GED so that I would be able to get into college my daughter graduated kindergarten the same day that I graduated with my GED. Around the last few months of 2004, I had to have surgery that put me out of work for six weeks. Therefore, I started to apply at several colleges and was very excited to be accepted into college. I have now accomplished getting an Associate’s and Bachelors in Business Management. Therefore, I decided to go with a Master’s in Business Administration/accounting with more concentration on owning my own business. I am now homeschooling my children and so far they love being home with mommy and daddy.

I have finally achieved my master’s degree in Business administration in April of 2012. My dream is to one day have a coffee shop/gift shop which would be something that I could leave to my children when I am gone away from this world. In my opinion, our children will be the ones that will have the hardest time making ends meet so I want to make sure that my children are taken care of when I am gone. This is not the only thing that I would like to do with my life there are other things that I would like to accomplish. I plan to pursue my education into a doctorate degree but have not decided what field of study I would like to achieve. I hope that you enjoy reading the articles that I post! I also hope that you take the time to comment and present feedback on the articles that I have posted. Let me know if the information has helped you.

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