My Great Ancestry

My Great, Great,Great,Great, Great Grandfather

It is wonderful to learn about your history. Through researching like most of my family has done over the years I have found that there was more than one signer of The Declaration of Independence in our family history. I find it fascinating that this is the type of history in my lineage.  Francis Hopkinson was a prominent person during these times. He was a signer of The Declaration of Independence in 1776. Francis Hopkinson was a political leader, judge, poet, songwriter, and a writer. Furthermore, little is known about his wife, and children but I have managed to find some information through the family records that has been kept all of these years.  I find it interesting to write about my family heritage because I am proud of what my family history has done.


6 thoughts on “My Great Ancestry

  1. That is very impressive! Awesome!
    I’ve always loved researching my family’s history, and have made it all the way back to 600A.D. 🙂 It is very cool to read about the people we are related to, for sure!


    • I have got to the 1600’s so far and still working on the rest of it. I have three signer’s of The Declaration of Independence in my lineage. Which is awesome to find information like that and it is something you can be proud of. Thanks for replying.


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