Thoughts About Memorial Day   Memorial Day is approaching it is a time that people celebrate what our troops, veterans, and people who are overseas are doing to keep our country safe. It is celebrated on the final Monday in May so that we may remember those who have fought for our country. Even though they are not with … Continue reading Thoughts About Memorial Day

Again Learning Coding Can be an Interesting Experience

  You know when starting this endeavor I did not know if I would enjoy it this much! I have learned quite a bit about coding in the last couple of day. Along with preparing finals for the children. There were a few spots in learning this information that I could not quite get the … Continue reading Again Learning Coding Can be an Interesting Experience

Mother’s Day

I am posting this early because I have to work on Mother's Day along with many other mothers around the world. Being a mother involves many things like being there for your children no matter what the obstacles. Mother’s always make sure that they have food, clothes, and numerous other things. Mother’s encourage them to … Continue reading Mother’s Day