Determination to Succeed

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

The determination to succeed in life is something that many people in this world do not have. Most people only want to work what they want, and when they want. They are too busy having a life and not worried about what the future holds down the road. Throughout, the world some people want to succeed in everything that they do. They want to excel in their job, gardening, raising their children, and anything else that they do in life.

Sometimes, the road to success is hard to cope with however, people manage to make it through the hardest parts of their life. This only makes them stronger with every step that they take towards their success in their life. In order, to get where they want to be they have to make sacraficies that many people do not want to make because it will interfere with their plans or their life with their friends.

You have to plan for the future and you cannot do that without determination. You have to want to make something better for yourself, and your family so later on in your life you do not have to worry about anything but enjoying the rest of your life. The best part of your life is making sure that you stay determined to make your life the way that you want without the pressure of anyone else telling you cannot do anything. You will never be anything, and that you will always be a failure.

You cannot listen to these types of things because you will always look at those words that were said to you. When you are always being put down by anyone in your world you will never gain the confidance to make something of yourself. So for you to stay strong you have to keep telling yourself that you can do anything that you put your mind to and not worry about what other people say to you or about you.

When you listen to other people or you listen to the people that are always putting you down you will never achieve anything in your life until you stop the negativity around you and change the outcome that you want for your life. Throughout her life she has always been the time of person to just hang out with family . The few friends that she did have throughout her childhood became distant friends because as they grew older they did not have much in common anymore.

Becoming your own person, and sticking to the things that you want out of your life leaves you with the feeling of accomplishment because you have worked for everything that you want out of your life. No where in this world does it say that you must have friends, you must go out and party with these so-called friends that are nice to your face, and talk about you behind your back. No one needs that in their life. You have responsiblities to take care of your children, and family. Keep your job in check and make sure you are saving for the future.

Determination to make something of yourself and become self-sufficient in this world should be taught to everyone in school. By the time they have graduated they do not know much about the real world, and how cruel people can be within the world. People can be unkind, and treat people badly. They will critize everything that you do, and everything that you say. It does not matter if you are right and they are wrong. Becoming an adult is something that many people dread because you never catch a break from anything in the world.

She is determined to become a success no matter what. She has made it a priority in her life to make the best of what she has and work to wards making it better for everyone that is involved in her life.


A2Z-BADGE [2016]

Back in 2011, she started this blog just to write about things that were on her mind, and publish things from college. Since that time her blog has been viewed over 30,000 times and has had the pleasure of meeting some great people that share the same interests as her. She has been absent for some time because of multiple things that has happened in her life to prevent her from keeping up to date with her readers. However, things are looking up and she is getting back on track with some things that she liked to do when she started this blog.

It is quite amazing how far something your write gets around the world. Looking at the multiple countries that have viewed her writing is something that she can never have taken away from her. It is something that she never thought would happen and she did not think that people would read the things that she writes about within the walls of the internet. The feeling that you have when things go your way, and the way that you want them to is something that you can look back on throughout the years.

Blogging has turned out to be a challenge and it is something that she has enjoyed since starting this blog. It is something that soothes her and when she starts writing the words just flow through her mind onto the empty white spaces here. She has always enjoyed writing and hopes to finish her book one day. These things take time to mature throughout the editing, rewriting, and everything else that comes with writing a book. One day she will achieve this and publish for the world to see.

Inspiration from the heart for everyone to read. Hopefully, she is helping others with some of the same types of frustration, and insecurity that she has with her writing. All she wants to do is voice her thoughts about things throughout her life that maybe one day will help other in achieving the goals that they set out for themselves. Life is what you make it and you can spend your time sitting around doing nothing or you can make the most of what your life has to offer. Writing, blogging, and voicing your opinions about things may help other people in the world.

April Challenge accepted

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

I love these types of challenges and looking forward to the upcoming month of April. These are things that keep you motivated to write and keep your reader’s interested in the things that you write about and keep them coming back for more. Cannot wait until the event starts. Better get started now so they can self publish while I am working.

Welcome back to the world of writing!

Hello Readers,

I have been quite busy lately with many things going on in my life. Now, I am back to the writing and hopefully will be able to keep some articles coming throughout the year. This past year was filled with many different obstacles that have turned out to be a big part of my life. Running a business is something that I have always dreamed about and learning the right way to do things along with the wrong way to do things is something that is very demanding. Since we are open 24 hours a day you are always on call for anything that may go wrong with your business.

I believe that things have gotten stable at this point since it has been a year since the promotion to management. It is great and I really enjoy the work that I do for the company that I work for throughout this career. Along with loosing the laptop due to complications with the system or battery writing articles to publish on the cell phone is sometimes not feasible.

Now, I am sitting here writing this blog post to apologize to all my reader’s for not posting something sooner. I just realized it has been 10 months since I have written anything of substantial interest for the reader’s. Hopefully, now I can keep posting something around the hectic schedule that I have because it is something that I have loved doing. Writing is an art and some people just know how to write till their hearts content.

That is what happens when you sit down at the computer and just let your thoughts come out onto the page in front of you. Well anyway, here is to the upcoming year with plenty of writing articles for this blog that I started a few years ago.



Please help in donating to keep the coffee and writing coming for my fellow viewers. Much love to everyone for reading my content.

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A New Chapter

You know in an earlier post when she started this blog she wrote about tradeoffs that you face throughout your life. Well in addition to that article here is something else that she can add to that line of thinking.

Throughout your life you have different chapter’s some close, and some stick around for a while. However, you have to make the best of the chapter’s that you have throughout your life and make the outcome what you want it to be. Sometimes this is hard to do with everything that is going on in your life with work, children, family, and everything else that you have to do in a day’s time. Starting a new chapter in your life requires communication with your family, and discussing the outcome of the new chapter. This new chapter of life requires spending more of your time at your job and less time with your family. However, the benefits of the new chapter are what counts because it means a better life for you and your family. Now, it is your time to shine and make the most of the career that you have chosen.

Writing is another one of those chapter’s and right now it is hard to spend the amount of time that you would like on the writing and keeping the reader’s coming back to read the articles that you write. Although many reader’s understand and know that you have entered a new chapter in your life some reader’s do not want to stick around to wait for more articles because you are not posting regularly like you were earlier within the year. This is fine with her because she has a lot going on right now and with the promotion, homeschooling, and family time it does not leave enough time in the day to spend on writing.

Somewhere, along the way she has to put something aside and think about it later. She is grateful for the reader’s that are sticking with her blog and continuing to visit the articles that she has posted over the past two years. It makes her feel good that people are still reading the things that she has written about throughout the years. Advancement in her job is something that she has waited for a long time. Now, she spends her time training, and learning about new things that will help her throughout her career. She works 11 hours a day, comes home to grade papers for the day, visits with the family, and then spends some time working on things that she must study for work.

If putting off writing for a little while helps her in the conquest to making a better choice for her career then that is what it means. Periodically, she will still post a few articles however, it may take a little longer to get them finished for posting because of the tight schedule that she is on right now. She hopes that her reader’s and the future reader’s of this blog will understand the commitment to making this part of her career a success.

Going For Your Dreams

During the course of her work career she has developed the skills and knowledge that she needs to become a manager.  However it takes patience to finally get to that point in your life when you are ready and willing to take on more responsibility.  Showing and proving to your mangement team that you have what it takes to be the best manager that you can be within their company.  Striving to accomplish your dreams of making it into the next phase in your life.  This requires more work from you an long hours to accomplish the goals that you have set out in your future plans.

Life is what you make it and if you do nothing with your life you are the one to blame. You have to go for what you want and where you want your career to go. You have to be willing to take chances and hope that you are heading in the right direction. No one said that life was easy. No one said it was just going to fall right in your lap because you think that you deserve it. You have to work hard for everything that you want in your life.

Well she has finally reached that point in her life and she is happy with the outcome of her career  at this moment.  She is excited to be where she is and is looking forward to the future.  She is now a manager trainee for the company she is working for and looking forward to succeeding in everything that she does. She proves how hard she can work, she gets the job done, and everyone she works with loves the job that she does.

Keep your dreams and aspirations alive. Do not let people tell you that you cannot do the job at hand. Have confidence in yourself and go the extra mile.

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Devotion to Writing

Devotion to Writing

Devotion to writing is something that you have to make a priority in your life. You have to want to take the time to write about anything that comes to your mind. After all you have readers who are interested in the things that you have to talk about through your writing. Writing takes time, thought, and research because of the variety of things for example:

  • people you talk to
  • jobs you have done during the day
  • memories you have thought about from the past
  • Looking at old pictures
  • reading old journal entries

Enjoying what you write

When you sit down to write you have to actually enjoy what you are writing about and you have to enjoy writing. For some people it is a therapeutic technique that allows them to write down their passions, thoughts, fears, realities, and much more. It is a way to express those feelings, thoughts, memories, and anything else that comes to mind. In writing things that have happened in your past down on paper, computer, tablet or whatever your preference allows you to let go of those feelings that keep entering your mind. For example: I love to write and always have because it allows me to reach the inner side of my thoughts and reach those deep dark thoughts that stay hidden in my mind.


Throughout the world there is an abundance of topics that you can write on and voice your own opinion about how you feel about that topic. You can also give your thoughts about a variety of food dishes, money-saving techniques for things around the house. The possibilities are endless when it comes to writing. Some people write reviews about places they shop at, places they eat, and customer service. Reading what other people write about certain topics allows you to gain perspective and other opinions about the numerous questions that people have in this world. People around the world have questions especially when it comes to children, home, work, meals, saving money, and gift ideas.

Variations to Writing

Everyone has their own style of writing especially when it comes to characters, scenery, food, drinks, plots, atmosphere, and anything else that you can think about within a writer’s mind. By reading books written by other’s you see what they are writing about within their books, and you find yourself imagining the scene that you are reading. Some people write in the first person, and some write in the third person. You have to decide what type of writing you want to do and how you want to convey your writing to the readers reading your work.

An abundance of writing

  • History
  • Romance
  • Non-fiction
  • Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Poetry

The list can go on and on without fail because there are numerous subjects to write on throughout the world. You have your choice of anything that you would like to write about in the world from many different perspectives. I hope that the things that I write about within this blog help other’s you may have the same type of situation, problem, and questions about a variety of things in the world. Inspiration comes from voicing your opinions, trials, triumphs, and techniques that you have used throughout the process to find what worked in your particular situation.

A Goal Achieved




I would like to say thank you to all you amazing people for following this blog. When I started this blog I never thought that I would have such an audience like this. It gives you this warm feeling inside to know that people actually enjoy the articles that you write about on your blog.

I appreciate all the comments, and likes for the posts that I have put on my blog. I hope that in the future of my blogging experience you enjoy the posts and information that I put on this blog.

You are a wonderful audience I should have never stopped writing articles two years ago. However, there were many things going on in life that you just cannot put to the side. Now, I am in that mode of writing for myself because I enjoy it. Now, I have the time to write about the things that interest me as well as other around me.

Writing Process For Yourself


Everyone writes differently and your writing defines the way that you perceive the world and surroundings. Writing comes naturally to some and the words just flow from their mind onto whatever they are using at that moment. She has a book about writing that she writes in the sides of the book the thoughts, and memories that she can remember.

She starts a journal every year but somehow life gets in the way and she has a few gaps that she needs to fill in, and she now will have to make something up that happened that day. That is the fun part of it all making up stories about what she thinks she did that day. She seems to recall a lot of information that she writes down in those empty spaces. Many people tell her that they could not write because they do not have an interesting life. However, every aspect of your life is interesting especially to the people that you are around and give some meaning to your life.

When you start writing you find yourself writing about a variety of things that you normally would not write about in your journal entry, blog, book or anything else. It is amazing when you go back and read the things that you have written. Some of it is funny and will laugh your head off. People do not take her seriously when she talks about her journal. If only they knew the things that she writes about in her life. Some people get defensive because they think that you are writing about them. They want to know so if you are writing in public they will look over your shoulder to see what you are writing about it is true. People have done this to her when she was writing during a lunch break at a previous job.

When you write you should not think about the things that you cannot control. Free writing is the best key to do and then pick a day to go revisit the things that you have written about in your journal, blog or book. Even after writing over 100,000 words each year you still have to go through the editing process and sometimes these things when you are finished minimizes the result of the word count because you find that many of the items that you have written about have nothing to do with the book, blog, or anything else that you are writing.

However, when you find the end of the trail you find that you are creating something personal and from your experiences. The thing that you will have at the end is the book that will become the best seller one of the days. Your life holds interesting parts and everyone should be able to express those feelings, memories, and anything else that makes their life whole.

Your family is the only one that cares about the outcome of their life. Many people write about their family life, work life, and they become best sellers. Some people like to write about reality, which is something that people seem to like in this world.  You have to be creative in your writing coming up with stories that will intrigue your readers to coming back for more.

We all experience things at a different level in the world. You also can write about those beautiful meals that you have together as a family. Even with your family members you can concoct some stories that would probably be best sellers. Starting out with a short story, which is about 7500 words, would be beneficial to you to see if your material would be viewed by anyone. She has learned that some people will not like the things that you write about but you cannot let that bring you down.

Starting a blog would also be a publication because you are writing articles for your own blog and releasing it out into the world through the internet. How you perceive your life is your own thoughts and memories. She tries to think about the past and the memories that they had when she was a child but those memories are blocked by bad memories throughout her preteen and teenage life. She remembers certain parts of her life that she could not think of before but she knows that one day she will be able to remember those memories about her childhood.

Publication through the internet is one more thing that she can cross off her long list of things that she would like to achieve in her life and some of them are already a success. However, there are more things that she would like to accomplish in the world and she is working towards achieving those goals. She has already accomplished many things in her life. She is looking forward to achieving more throughout her life.

Your children provide you with numerous stories that they concoct to tell you about something they have watched on television. They also manage to tell you about the things that you have no idea about. They also learn and see more than you would want to them to know in this world. Children have some wild imaginations and speak what is on their mind whether it makes sense to them or not.

Journal entries from long ago throughout your family history date back to the early 1900’s and some of the information you cannot understand because of the writing that they did back then. However, some of the information in the journal entries can be read for the soul purpose of learning about your family history.  It is truly amazing that you can find some of this information interesting enough to talk about and be happy about your heritage.

Life can be as interesting as you can make it and it all depends on the creative skills that you have in yourself to make the story come alive. You know it is amazing if you put one letter on each of the lines on a page that requires you to start a new sentence every time you come to the next line. She has done this and the story that she got out of doing this was truly disturbing but interesting to say the least.

You can even use the first name of each person in your family to develop a story the same way with each letter of their name all the way to the end of the page. Like Tammy would have one letter of her name on all 26 lines of the page. Therefore, you would have to start a new sentence for each of the letters of her name. It was an interesting exercise that she did just out of pure fun during a day off from work in the real world. It was fun and the children got a laugh out of some of the information that was in my story.

For Example””:

To many this would probably be a boring exercise and they would probably put it down.

Apparently, she enjoys this exercise because it makes her stop and think about the next letter.

Many people love to write, and work out exercises that will stimulate the brain to make a story.

Making time to experience exercises like this will allow you to conjure up some interesting stories or sentences.

Yes it is truly amazing at what you can write with a starting letter on the first line of the page.

Sometimes you just do not know what to write about and your mind comes to a blank because you have written about so many things that it is jumbled up in your mind. However, there are days that you write all day long and manage to accomplish things that you could not have dreamed of in your writing.

More to come!

A Likeable Blog


Truly amazing that I have achieved this in the last couple of months! Thank you to all the follower’s that like the content of this blog. I am truly grateful to have such an audience like you. Many thanks to everyone, and I hope that you enjoy future posts from Tammy Hopkinson, MBA

This last month has turned out to be awesome! I am looking forward to upcoming challenges that I will face throughout my blogging experience. I know from keeping tabs on the followers that I have that I have lost a few. This is no problem because there are always more to take their place especially if they do not like what I am writing.

The A to Z challenge was an experience that I will never forget because it kept me writing and I have written all posts that will be posted for the upcoming days of this month. Be on the lookout for the upcoming articles that will post.

Thanks to everyone!