Chewing gum, what happens to it?

I would have to agree. After chewing gum for so long I do not want to chew it anymore. After reading your article, and watching the video I do not think that I will ever buy it again. Thanks for posting!

Mind Chatter

This vid was great for me as it answered a lifelong question for me.  When I had my tonsils out when I was a wee one, there was a girl in the hospital room with me.  I was told she was in the hospital because she had to have a huge ball of gum removed from her stomach.  The story was she swallow her gum and it never digested.  I was so scared, when I did chew gum, I never swallowed it.  Then in adulthood I totally swore off gum altogether.  Did any of you ever have fears about gum?

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