Review: Ploom ModelTwo E-Cig Vaporizer

This looks interesting. I recently bought an ecigeratte a year ago and of course, they do not sell them in Florida. So I had to buy another type that I could buy the cartridges for here in my hometown. I love it because you are not getting the other 419 carcinogenetic that you would be getting from traditional cigarettes.

Smoking Bans

I Quit

Day 39: Time to quit

At one time I would have said that it should be at the preference of the customer. However, this year was a marking point when I decided to quit smoking. Now that I have quit smoking I feel better, food tastes totally different, and I enjoy not smelling like a cigarette. I did not realize that everyone I am around would smell the smoke from the chemicals, and other additives that they put in cigarettes. I stopped smoking with the help of Choice Ecig. I am proud to say that I do not want to smoke ever again. I am at that point in my life that I would like to be around for a few more years and would like to spend that money on other things to make life better.

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