Keep The Knowledge Flowing

Tammy Hopkinson, MBA She is learning how to build her first webpage all on her own and learning the basics of developing your own webpage using Dreamweaver. For the whole world to see and possibly learn from the mistakes that she has made throughout the process. Of course, the process of learning everything that you … Continue reading Keep The Knowledge Flowing

The Awesome Concepts of Learning to Code

Some of the concepts that I have learned throughout the process of coding! Sometimes you make mistakes and you have to return to previous lessons to find the right answer that you are looking for to complete the code. These are the types of coding that I have worked on and still continue to work … Continue reading The Awesome Concepts of Learning to Code

Using What You Learn

Learning Coding can be an interesting experience and rewarding. Especially, when you know what you are doing from the lessons that you have taken on coding. Some of the concepts that I have learned about in the process of learning about coding includes a variety of items. html CSS JavaScript jQuery Python Syntax Concepts that … Continue reading Using What You Learn