Mystery Cookie: Writing Prompt Boot Camp Day 3

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Mystery Cookie: Writing Prompt Boot Camp Day 3

One Day you come into work and find a cookie mysteriously placed on your desk. Grateful
to whoever left this anonymous cookie, you eat it. The next morning you come in and find
another cookie. This continues for months until one Day a different object is left—and this
time there’s a note.

“Dear Holley,
I hope that you enjoyed the cookies. All I ask is that you show someone else the same generosity. I’ve heard that you aren’t a kitchen goddess. So here is a list of good deeds that you could do for people. There is also a batch of cookies in jar to make for your kids.
When you’ve done a good deed for someone, let them know that they should pay it forward too. It’s not important that they know who you are. It’s more important that they know someone cares. There aren’t enough good vibes going…

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