Being Taken Advantage Of!

Photo by James Wheeler on Being Taken Advantage Of Being taken advantage of is an awful feeling. It means you are not only putting in more effort than you’re getting in return, but you are also not being appreciated. People are taking the amazing things you do and passing it off as their own, … Continue reading Being Taken Advantage Of!

West Side Service Requested

The pictures below have been outside our house for 14 weeks, with multiple calls to ECUA about picking up the limbs. They have done nothing to assure us they will be picked up and have given us the run-around about when or if they will pick them up. I am aware that everyone is having issues getting … Continue reading West Side Service Requested

Inflation at the Finest

Photo by Pixabay on Well, now; that we are fixing to be going into the spring and summer months, our electric company decided to sell out to Florida Light and Power. They have now raised the energy bills we went, from a 200 dollar electric bill in January to 400 dollars in February; she is … Continue reading Inflation at the Finest