The World in 2023: Top Stories to Watch

Photo by Ricky Gu00e1lvez on The World in 2023: Top Stories to Watch The year 2023 promises to be a busy and eventful one for the world, as various political, economic, social, and environmental issues continue to shape the global landscape. Here are some of the top stories to watch in the new year: … Continue reading The World in 2023: Top Stories to Watch

Experiencing COVID19 2021

So here we are today at this moment with everything that is going on in the world today and we take for granted the things that we are able to do. We don't want to give up our freedom from doing or saying things that people do not like because they are so sensitive. Now, … Continue reading Experiencing COVID19 2021

Come on Inside

Random thoughts throughout the day working on the events of this year and how people are handling the outcomes of all the events throughout the year. It has been a bumpy ride for everyone across the world. Personal opinions and Random thoughts about all the issues facing the world today. Big Lagoon State Park Pensacola, … Continue reading Come on Inside