What are your Dreams?

Sometimes in your career you are asked to write down your dreams of what you want out of your life. It could be anything and be anything that you would want to happen in your life. It is a good question to ponder on when you get the chance to see what you would want out of your life. What would one of your dreams be to accomplish in this world. Well you know sitting here thinking about that question you find some answers that you probably would not have thought about before because honestly most people are working paycheck to paycheck with no balance in their life.

You know while she was sitting here writing about her dreams it dawned on her that most of her dreams have come true maybe a little later than she had hoped but they did come true. One of her dreams was to finish college and that happened in 2012 with a master’s degree. Another dream was to have her own home that she could call her own without having people tell her what she could or could not do. Some place where her and her family could settle down and make a life of their own. Well that happened in 2013 which was a blessing in itself.

With all the good things happening to her recently she did not know whether or not to believe that good things could happen because they have always struggled to make ends meet no matter what they situation. However, that was also about to change with all the other good things that have happened in the last year she was not looking for anything else. The job that she has wanted was just around the corner all she had to do was be persisent and go for what she wanted. Becoming a manager was the best thing that could have happened because now she does not have to struggle to make ends meet.

Now, a year later and she still loves her job to no end although there are struggles as with anything in the world of business. However, you have to overcome those struggles and pick the things that you want to go your way. You cannot win every fight but you can win some of the fights. It is a struggle to find that happy medium within the workplace. However, when you find that happy medium you should not do anything to desturb the changes that are going on.

Eventually, she wants to get to that point on where she wants to be within the next few years. She know that she wants to move up within the company and she knows that it will be a challenge to get where she wants to be within the company but she is determined to learn and eventually acheive the desired outcome that she seeks within this company. She knows that if she does the right things and shows how much she cares about the company things will work out in her favor. It is worth the wait so that she can learn all she needs to know before taking that next step into the upper business world.

Interview protocol

You know I do not have much experience in hiring people to work for a company.  However,  I know of that you should not wear certain things when you go on an interview.  You want to look professional so that you impress your future boss.  The first impression means everything because that  is the impression your boss is going to get of you.  You have to be confident and sure of yourself. 

The candidate will be asked numerous questions about themselves, their work ethic, their personality, and many other things.  You have to be sure of yourself,  and be proud of the things that you are proficient. You need to also keep in mind that you need to bring a resume because most places require you to be prepared if they ask about your previous employment.

You do not want to leave a bad impression on your future boss because you want to be hired for the position. You need to dress accordingly to show the employer that you mean business.  You have to care about how you look, speak, and act.

You do not want to show up for an interview wearing something that you would wear out with your friends to the club. This would lead the prospective employer wondering how you would dress when you arrive to start your first day.

In order to get the job you have to present yourself in a way that gets you the job. Confidence and punctuality are the key.  As well as being prepared with the right information that you will need.

The Right to Free Speech

An Offensive World

Throughout the world people take offense to many things that are said because they think that the person is offending them with the things that they say. Throughout the world you are going to hear things that you are not going to like because of numerous reasons. However, every person in the world has the right to say what they want about anything in the world. It is their opinion of what they think of the world. You cannot keep people from saying what they think, believe or anything like that. There are many things that people believe in throughout this world and they voice their opinions whether or not people like the things that they say because they have the right to say what they think.


You will get criticized every day for everything that you do in your life. If you make the wrong choices people are going to talk about the wrong choices you are making in your life. If you take the wrong road throughout your life people are going to talk about the fact that you are not going anywhere in your life because of the choices that you have made throughout your life. You cannot blame others for how your life has turned out because it is your responsibility to make the right choices. It is your job to teach your children right from wrong. Yes! No one likes to be talked about and no one wants people to say things that may offend them but come on! We are humans people judge us every day for the jobs that we do, the way that we live our life, the things that we buy, and many other things that you have no control over. Eventually, you are not going to be able to speak your mind about anything because the whole world is offended by the things that you say.

Freedom of Speech

Everyone in the world has the right to free speech to talk about anything and everything that they wish to talk about whether it offends people or not. If you do not like what someone is saying, writing, or anything along those lines you should not listen to them, read the things that they write about or whatever they are doing. There are many things that she does not like about things that people do in this world. How they live lavishly instead of securing the future of their children or themselves. However, that is the way they want to live their life and that is their right. It bothers her because they complain about not being able to pay their bills but go out every night and spend their money on menial things. Everyone in this world has their own opinions, and thoughts about a variety of things that go on in this world from politics, environment, employment, religion, charities, talk shows, news stations, and the list will keep on going. You cannot keep people from voicing their opinions about these things.