Mission Statements

When I think about a mission statement concerning the business, or organization that I am doing business with it needs to state their position and what their ultimate goal is within the success of the business. I have been in the restaraunt business for quite some time now and I have learned a variety of things over those years. However, most of the business’s that I have worked for do not stand behind the mission statement that they have put in place. Furthermore, keeping track of the things that the mission statement provides like guidelines for the employee’s to follow, and guidelines for the management to follow as well. If the management is not setting the right example for the employee’s this would fall on the profits, and business the company has. Keeping the employee’s informed and interested in what the company is all about which will increase motivation within the company. Business’s develop mission statements will allow the business to create or avoid any unforseen problems that might occur now or in the future of the business.
In my opinion the mission statement is the pride of the company the goals and objectives that the business has set in place to assure them of success in the business world. Standing by the company’s mission statement and taking pride in the work that you do requires hard work and dedication to the company.

McDonald’s Mom

Today I read the article about the McDonald’s mom that took video of the disturbing things that were found in the play area of the restaurant. I think that she hit on a key issue of restaurant’s that still carry the play areas for children. Furthermore, I have three children and although they are too big to be playing in the play area they did when they were little kids. Years ago there was a little child that got stuck in the bottom with a hyperdermic needle and died from the injected drug. It was found at the bottom of the ball area. No one ever cleaned the area and the end result was not pretty. I commend this mother for what she has done and I will stick behind her as well. A couple of weeks ago I walked into the McDonald’s in our area and the ice machine had mold on the plastic part where the ice comes out. I informed the manager but nothing has been done about it since I said something. The safety of our children are at stake because the restaurants do not care or clean the play area’s.