Prayers For Pensacola After The Storm



On April 29, 2014 into April 30, 2014 the city of Pensacola was hit with a massive storm. The total amount of rainfall hit 27 inches during this storm. It knocked out power across the city, damaged houses, left people stranded, and took out many of the roads here in Pensacola. It is devastating to say the least to look at these pictures. It is going to take a while to get things back up and running here in Pensacola.

She has never witnessed anything quite like this before. It is quite amazing how that much rain here in this city could do this much damage to people’s homes, work, and leave people wondering what is going to happen next. This is going to take Pensacola awhile to recoup from this type of devastation. Many of the people that she works with suffered damage in their homes, cars, and all around them.

Many thanks are going out to the crews from Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Pensacola for the work that they did to recover the power in Pensacola. She is sure that everyone is grateful to have the power back on, and for the work that these crews did in helping restore the power across Pensacola.

Now, it is time to start picking up the pieces from the massive storm that came through our city is underway, and this is something that will be talked about for years to come. Many businesses suffered flooding, and other types of damage throughout the storm. Earlier on the news she had heard about the Manta Food Bank that suffered from the storm and lost everything that they had to help people in this time of need.

Prayers are needed for the city of Pensacola, and the people that have suffered the loss of belongings, homes, loved ones, and anything else that they have gone through during this storm. Many people were out of electricity until sometime late yesterday, and into today. She knows that the electricity here at her home did not get turned back on until late last night.

The Timucuans, Florida’s First People

This is interesting! I enjoy reading about history and learning more about the places around us….

tahtonka - A Journey Through Global Culture


Picture credit: A Public Domain image of  Jacques le Moyne ??

Florida’s First People

Today’s Blog is about one of the very earliest residents of Florida,  the Timucuan Indians.

It is pronounced,   tee-MOO-qua.

Our home here in Central Florida is on land where these Ancient people once lived.

The St. John’s River, which flows from South to North, not far from us, was of great historical importance to the Timucuans and several other local tribes here in Central Florida.

The Timucuans, were a  rather tall, and slim race of Native people, who  lived  in this area, in the 1500’s and were estimated to number between 50,000 to 200,000 at the time.

But, by 1700,  thanks to the diseases brought by the invading Spanish, their numbers had dwindled down to around 1,000.

By 1800, they were considered to be likely completely eliminated or extinct.

Interbreeding with the “ invaders”  was the final blow to these once thriving Native people…

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Beach Sunset Panorama

Picture perfect!!!!!

Don Charisma

One has to wonder if sunsets have always been like this throughout the ages. Did jesus enjoy such sights ?

I don’t know, but we’re lucky to be able to see such things.

This one is 9 photos painstakingly and lovingly weaved together to form one beauty of a photo with Photoshop Photomerge.

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

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How Often I Travel

My three month Vacation

I will have to say that with three children, school, homeschool, work, and everything else that I have to do in a days time it is hard to make time for a trip outside of the state that I live in. On the other hand we do try to make it to Florida to see family once a year so that we get a break from the day to day grind. well other than a vacation here and there we do not make it out of the state or town for much of anything else. One day we are planning to move to Costa Rica and retire there. Of course that is a long way off from now.

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