Consequences for everything

You know people do not realize that within the world you have consequences for everything that you do in life.  Some people know that you have these challenges in your life such as peer pressure, trying to fit in with the cool crowd, and having friends.  Other people want to go out and party all the time with their friends or try to make new ones.  They are not concerned about the future and where they want to be five years from now.

Throughout your life you have to make decisions and sometimes those decisions do not have the right path. The only thing that you have to think about is where you want to be five or ten years down the road. You have to make the right choices for you and your family. The world does not revolve around you and you are responsible for the actions you take in your life.  You cannot blame others for the way your life turns out.  You have to work hard for the things that you want and you cannot complain when your life does not go in the direction you want it to go. Only you can make changes in your life to make it better.

It does not matter what you have been through it is how you get yourself out of the mess you are in with making changes to your life. Working hard to achieve all that you can and to be the best at everything that you do. You cannot worry about what people think about you or what they say about you especially if you are working towards your goals in life.  You control everything in your life and we all make mistakes but if you do not learn from the mistakes that you make then you will find yourself in the same place all over again. 

How Quickly Can Someone Be Dependent on Drugs?


In this world it is so easy to become dependent on drugs with all the problems that people have in the world. It becomes easy for people to depend on the drugs instead of facing the problems head on because it is convenient to buy the drugs instead of working through their problems. Therefore, growing up in this world is hard enough without the pressure of becoming dependent on drugs. Of course, people are certainly curious as to why people become dependent on the drugs that they choose. She believes that when you hang around people that are dependent on drugs you will eventually become just like them. Dependency on drugs usually means that someone is going through a rough time in their life. Therefore, becoming a dependent of drugs usually means that they are trying to escape from the trials and tribulations of life.

She knows that many things that happen in your life can result into the dependency to drugs to relieve the pain, stress, and many other things that they are facing within their life.   She does not understand why they do not seek help instead of resorting to drugs. Throughout the world there are many places that are here to help people get past the trials and tribulations of their life instead of resorting to taking drugs.

When people start depending on drugs to cure the ailments of their life it becomes a habit that is hard to kick because your body is dependent on the drug that they are taking. Without warning it becomes a part of your life. Here you are stuck with a drug addiction that you cannot kick because of anger, pain, suffering, and everything else that is going on in your life.

When you know of someone that is dependent on drugs you see different mood swings, attitude changes, and changes in the things that they do in their life. Sometimes people who are dependent on drugs will do things that they normally would not do because they are coming down off of their high.

Before you know it a day or week has gone by and your friend is looking for a way to get their fix on their choice of drug. They cannot deal with the everyday life because of their dependency on drugs. Many people do not like to be around others that are doing drugs or become dependent on drugs for the fun of it. People that are dependent on drugs do not think about the consequences of their actions until it is too late.

There is help out there if you are willing to make the time to make a change in your life. Having a dependency on drugs is never easy and it takes time to get through the roughest part of cleaning your system of the drugs that you have put into your body. However, you have to keep it in your mind that you are better than the drug. You have to take a stand and make something of yourself instead of relying on the drugs to make your life better.

Sometimes friends, family members, and people that you love dearly need to be put in a place where they are able to detox from the drugs that they are dependent on. In reality, you need to help your family, friends or the people that you love and try to get them the help that they need to not be dependent on the drugs that they are taking.

What is more interesting is the amount of money that it takes to purchase the drugs that they are dependent on. In most scenarios one pill may cost up to $20 dollars or more and if one person is buying five or more a day then that turns out to be quite a bit of money especially if they need more than one pill a day. Your friend or family member needs to know that there is help out there and that you are standing behind them the whole way.

Sometimes they will not listen to reason because they are so dependent on drugs that no matter what you say or do it would not matter much to them. If they are not going to help themselves and admit to having a problem then there is not much that you could accomplish. Most of the time people who are dependent on drugs will blame the people who are trying to help them through their hard time. When in reality, they are the ones who need the love and attention that many people fail to provide to loved ones or friends.

Opening Your Heart


Sometimes it is hard to open your heart to other people for the fear of being hurt all over again. You shield yourself from the pain of being hurt because of the past issues that you have had over the years. You take precautions because you do not trust people with your feelings, and your heart.

Time is a healing process and you have to open your heart to other’s in order to find love, peace, and happiness in the world. Sometimes you cannot keep your heart hidden from the ones that you love because it causes them pain as well.

Life is a roller coaster and you cannot just let it roll by without any hope of having a lovely life. You have to keep your faith that you life is going to be full of wonderful things. Lovely children, a good husband, and a life filled with the utmost happiness.

She tries to inspire people with the articles that she writes and the words just flow from her mind. She has everything that she could possibly want in this life and she is grateful that she can spend it with the ones that she opens her heart to each and everyday.

The Good, The Bad, and The Lovely

I love it! In my opinion I do not care what people think about me or the things that I write. I have to say that I do not have many friends and the ones that I do like me for who I am. I am constantly told that I am judgmental. However, just as I am being judged for the things that I write, people are also judging everything else that I do whether it be at work, home or anything else. It really does not matter to me if I meet their approval. I am who I am and that is not going to change.

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Bad News is: You cannot make people like, love, understand, validate, accept, or be nice to you. You can’t control them either. Good News Is: It  Doesn’t Matter.  —author unknown


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Losing Touch with Old Friends

This is my Opinion about friends, and Acquaintance's.

This is for you my dear friends, thanks for all your kind and generous support! I will be back on flickr on the 9th of August 2010. Have all a wonderful time ahead! Thank you all so much! My Graditude and warm wishes to you all my friends! 🙂

Well in some way's this is a hard question to answer. However, in my opinion I used to have friends through highschool, and have made some acquaintance's throughout my life. Many of whom I do not consider friends. Let's define the meaning's of each shall we. A friend is a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. There is not many people that I trust with anything in my life except for my family. Other people who say that they are your friends will talk about you behind your back to other people that they call friends. So everything that you say ends up all across the neighborhood, or even sometimes in another town. The definition goes on to say that a friend is a person whom one knows; an acquaintance. There are many acquaintance's that I have had over the thirty-four years but the only one's that I think of as friends are the one's that stick behind my actions and is there for me when I need them the most. All these friends that I have had over the years were not there when I needed someone the most. Furthermore, the definition goes onto say that a friend is one who sympathizes with, supports, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement. When friends say they are friends they are interested in what you have to say. A true friend will always be there in your times of joy, happiness, sorrow, pain, and so on. The French use the word Moname which means a true friend someone that is there for you when you need it the most.

Now let's look at the definition of acquaintance which, states that an acquaintance is knowledge of a person that is less intimate than friendship. This means that they acknowledge that you are there but could really care less about your life, and what you do with it. Some acquaintance's that I have had over the years helped me through some rough spots. However, they were not considered friends but only acquaintance's because they were only there for that one certain part in my life. A true friend would manage to be there for every single part of it. The good times, and bad times. I would not expect a friend to be there for every instance but the instances that were most important to me they should be by my side if they were a true friend.

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Snail Mail

The last time I received a letter in the mail was from my sister. This has been a long time ago because we now use the internet to communicate with each other. There are some family member’s and friends that I send snail mail to but not very often. I can remember growing up and having pen pals we would send letter’s to each other but now as an adult the internet has been more rewarding in finding family member’s and friends.

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The Holiday Season

During the holiday season, spending time with family, and friends is something everyone does around the world. Holiday’s are a time of sharing those special moments with the ones that you love.

The dinner was wonderful and everyone enjoyed the good food that was made. They had a beautiful Ham, green beans, baked beans, macaroni salad, potato salad, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs. Of course, there are enough left overs for dinner tonight and possibly the next night.

The stresses of the holidays are over and things will get back to normal. The children have the week off from school. The wind is gushing over the house. It is rather scary to listen to right now. The wind is blowing under the trailer as well and messing up the television. Bad weather is on the way while she sits here watching Frasier.

Another morning of quiet time for mommy. Relaxing and soothing everyone should take time for themselves. She walks into the kitchen and watches the interstate traffic going in both directions. The holiday traffic and crowds that will swarm the malls, Walmart, and other shops with returns.

It’s a little after seven o’clock this morning and the sun has not risen yet. The lights that surround the mountains in the darkness is quite amazing that many people live throughout the mountains.

She fed George the turtle this morning. He is a funny turtle sometimes. He will try to get out of the cage. Sometimes he flutters his front hands around his face. The children have three frogs Lizzie, Fred, and little Tim. They ate learning about the frogs and our lizard speedy Gonzalez. The children name all of their little bugs that they have studied the past year.

The cherry tomato plants are doing wonderful, and the avacado trees are going to be potted up for inside plants. There are two or three lemon plants growing along with herbs and other items as well. The gnats populate an endless supply of food for the frogs, and the lizard. The children collect many different species of food for the frogs, and lizard. This project has turned out to be a wonderful project for the children, and myself to learn more about the plant and insect life around us.