Memories of The Past


This blogging challenge has turned out to be a wonderful experience, and it makes you stop to think about what you want to write. Sometimes it is hard to do because there are some things that you just do not think people would read. However, this post is going to be about the people who have left this world. Some I have never met because I was not thought about during that time.

1952 Helen Cramer

This is my grandmother Helen Bertha Cramer whom I loved very much. She would always wear a turtle neck when I was growing up because she was always cold. She loved collecting stuffed animals, and many other things for the grandkids. She was a wonderful woman.

1953 Joe Hopkinson

This is Joseph Hopkinson, Jr. He married Helen Bertha Cramer. He was my grandfather who loved crafting, and loved Star Trek, Mash, and many other shows.

1890 Joseph Hopkinson Sr

1890 Joseph Hopkinson, Sr  my great grandfather who died in 1959 at the age of 88

1916 Julia Ann Bolt Fancy Gap VA

Julia Ann Bolt (Landford) 1916 she was Joseph Hopkinson, Sr. Second wife after losing his first wife to sickness in 1931.

1900 Jane Ashworth, John Taylor Hopkinson's wife

1900 Jane Ashworth was married to my great great grandfather John Taylor Hopkinson

More too come!!! Still looking through old pictures and finding the ones that I would like to put with these. Also trying to find information about some of the ancestor’s that I did not know.

Learning New Things About Your Family History

You know learning about your history gives you the feeling that you can trace your roots. In researching my history I have found many things that make-up the way that I am today. I love writing because I get to voice my opinions about a variety of things that happens in my life, in the world or what ever I would like to voice my opinion about. A couple of years ago I decided to start a family tree to keep track of my family, and retrace the roots of where we came from. What I found was interesting enough and I will continue to add information to my family tree. So below I have outlined some of the things that I have found in my family history:

Ten Generations of family so far

James Hopkinson 1600-1658 My Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather

Thomas Hopkinson 1630-1679 My Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather

Mathew Hopkinson 1650-1710 My Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather

Thomas Hopkinson 1678-? My Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather

Thomas Hopkinson, II  1700-1791 My Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather

Francis Hopkinson 1737-1791 My Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather his parents were Thomas Hopkinson 1700-1791 and Mary Johnson 1718-1804

Nancy Ann Borden 1747-1827 was Francis Hopkinson’s wife they had five children together. Her parents were Joseph Borden, II 1719-1791 and Elizabeth Rogers 1725-1743

Joseph Hopkinson 1770-1842 My Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather

John Pennington Hopkinson 1801-1836 My Great, Great, Great Grandfather

John Taylor Hopkinson 1833-1899 My Great Great Grandfather

Joseph Hopkinson Sr. 1871-1959 My great Grandfather

Joseph Hopkinson Jr. 1932-2000 My Grandfather

Daniel J. Hopkinson 1954 My Father

Ten generations of history to learn about and all the accomplishments that come with this wonderful history.  This is only one side of my history still working on the other side of my history and that is sometimes untraceable.

So this is going to be a work in progress.

The Timucuans, Florida’s First People

This is interesting! I enjoy reading about history and learning more about the places around us….

tahtonka - A Journey Through Global Culture


Picture credit: A Public Domain image of  Jacques le Moyne ??

Florida’s First People

Today’s Blog is about one of the very earliest residents of Florida,  the Timucuan Indians.

It is pronounced,   tee-MOO-qua.

Our home here in Central Florida is on land where these Ancient people once lived.

The St. John’s River, which flows from South to North, not far from us, was of great historical importance to the Timucuans and several other local tribes here in Central Florida.

The Timucuans, were a  rather tall, and slim race of Native people, who  lived  in this area, in the 1500’s and were estimated to number between 50,000 to 200,000 at the time.

But, by 1700,  thanks to the diseases brought by the invading Spanish, their numbers had dwindled down to around 1,000.

By 1800, they were considered to be likely completely eliminated or extinct.

Interbreeding with the “ invaders”  was the final blow to these once thriving Native people…

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Each Side is Continually on Alert~March 1864~22nd to 25th

I love history and reading about things that happened throughout history. Walt Whitman is an excellent writer…. 🙂


Each Side Is Continually on the Alert~ Walt Whitman

Whitman gives his mother news. The winter is snowy, even in Georgia. An increasing number of skirmishes suggest that plenty of hard fighting will come with warm weather. Congress is concerned about events in Mexico.

March 22– Tuesday– Washington, D.C.– “I herewith lay before the Senate, for its constitutional action thereon, a treaty made and concluded in Washington City on the 18th instant by and between William P. Dole, Commissioner of Indian Affairs. and the Shawnee Indians, represented by their duly authorized delegates. A report of the Secretary of the Interior and a communication of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs accompany the treaty.” ~ Message from President Lincoln to the Senate.

President Lincoln & General Grant President Lincoln & General Grant

March 22– Tuesday– Washington, D.C.– “Mother, every thing is the same with me, I am feeling very well indeed, the old trouble of my…

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Croatian Castles and Palaces

Interesting information!

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Croatia has more than seven thousand significant architectural objects of historic beauty, romantic intrigue, pride… and among them are about one thousand castles and palaces.

So Croatia has an impressive number of fortifications: almost every city on the coast and many on the mainland boast city walls or a fort or two. Over the centuries, Croatia’s lords and noble families were also busy building castles and palaces.
The distinction between these various structures is sometimes a little blurred, but generally, castles provided both protection and housing for a specific lord or noble family, while forts were not generally private residences, and palaces were not fortified.
Of Croatia’s castles, many are now in disrepair, but several have been well preserved or recently restored (like the Eltz Palace in Vukovar devastated by the Serb aggression in 1990’s) and have opened their doors to the public as museums or venues for events such…

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I am new to blogging and would like some pointer’s on what people would like to read about. Even though I have had some comments on the content of this blog. I would like some advice on how to make it better, and allow more traffic to come to my blog. I know that it takes time to make a good blog. Research is the key to making anything a success. I want to provide information on everything that I can. So tell me what you would like to read about.

A Change I Should Make

My life is wonderful

Life is

You know I have been asked before if there is anything that I would change about my past to make my life a little happier. But when I stop and think about how my life has turned out I would not change anything because then I would not be where I am today. Life is what you make of it and how you spend your life. You can spend your life depressed about how your life is not going well but it would not make you any happier. Or you can be thankful for the life that you have and make it better.

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