The Second Terrarium

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We have started another terrarium this year and the children are excited about it. We have already seen some different things within the terrarium so far. A fungus that climbs up  the wall not sure of what type it is right now but researching it.  Along with some egg sacs that were laid quite recently. This will be a long ongoing process to learn more about how insects and their habitat.


There are ear wigs in there and they have made a home where the soil hits the rocks in the right hand corner.  The egg sacs are cloth like eggs and we are in the process of finding out more about the egg sacs that are in the terrarium.  We have ants,  pill bugs,  millipede,  and much more within the terrarium.  Still 86 degrees or higher right now.  The children are excited about learning about the insects again as well as I.  It is important to learn more about how the insects live, eat, and do the things that they do.


These egg sacs are located everywhere in the soil.  We have seen them before but did not study  them until now. We have found out that it is a fungi that grows in the soil.


This fungi started out small and grew alot in just a short period.  It is interesting to watch to see the different stems that the fungi has and the many different ways that it can move on the surface.  The context is amazing because of the different colors that a fungi has.  It started out grayish and then turned an off white. As it was going up the glass it turned white then a few hours of being in the glass it turned a brownish white.


As the fungi comes up the window it changes colors on the way up.  Because of the difference in temperature as it is climbing up the glass towards the artificial light.


When it climbs up the glass it grows and spreads it’s stems all over the glass.  It does not get far up the glass without dying a little as it goes along.


We placed some tape on the glass to keep it closed while we have insects in there.  This is going to turn out to be a wonderful experience and looking forward to seeing the results from this project. It is amazing to watch the frogs,  and grasshoppers interact with each other.  The children are excited to see more about these insects that they will be catching over the upcoming year.


You cannot see it very well but there is a frog in the terrarium. His name is Bob one of the children named him that.  We have a lizard named Liz, some pill bugs,  and a lot more different insects.  Another great project underway. It is going to be interesting to see what comes out of the soil.


This is Liz and it is  neat to watch him or her change colors. The lizard likes to sit on the beams if the terrarium so that he or she can are all aspects of the surrounding area.  It is neat to watch him or her catch food in the terrarium.


This is Rhipsalis it is in the cacti family. Although it is not a good plant for the terrarium because the toads and lizard likes to beat the Rhipsalis downtown the soil. Eventually it will take root and develop into more plant life for the toads and other insects to hide under.


It is amazing to watch these items grow right before your eyes.  Into more than what they started out to be.  The bigger they are the better the insects can hide from other prey.  The children have caught pill bugs,  larva,  lady bug eggs for the lizard and lots of other things to keep the food population going so they have plenty of food.


Our pond that we made in the terrarium for the insects that enjoy water.  It is looking good and it is very interesting to observe the insects that the children pick from outside.


This is a red fungi coming up the wall of the terrarium the other day. It is interesting to watch and observe what you might see if you look long enough.


This is a minature palm, and a parlor palm next to the minature palm. The toads like it to sit in to look for food that is moving around on the soil.

To end “Pollination Week” …. Magnificent!!

Beautiful! I enjoy looking at nature and watching how animals, insects, and other wildlife act. In homeschooling the children we have learned about tons of different bugs, and insects throughout the year. It is always interesting to read what other people think about the beautiful wildlife that surrounds us on a daily basis.

It Is What It Is

The beauty of pollination … Moving Art by Louie Schartzberg!

Published on Dec 23, 2011

This video was shown at the TED conference in 2011, with scenes from “Wings of Life”, a film about the threat to essential pollinators that produce over a third of the food we eat.

The seductive love dance between flowers and pollinators sustains the fabric of life and is the mystical keystone event where the animal and plant worlds intersect that make the world go round.

“Wings of Life” will be released on DisneyNature on April 16 in time for Earth Day.

We ALL are ONE!! We ALL are connected by Nature!!

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The Outside World

When I look outside I see the wonderful things that make the world what it is at one point in our lives we have to look beyond the trees, forest, and other things that you may see outside. There are many things that you can learn about the outside as we have learned through our homeschooling within the last three years. The children have learned so much about the outside world, forest, trees, insects, and other things that you may see if you sit still long enough. You have to imagine sometimes some of the things that you would like to see by using your imagination you can see anything that you want. It just depends on how much you would like to see when you take that stroll outside. Walking through the forest, woods, or anything else gives you that calm collective feeling of the outdoors, and the different types of wildlife that you may see on your stroll. Finding your calm peace of mind is what makes the day brighter. Seeing something that you have never seen before on your walks makes you want to walk more because you never know what you will see the next time. It becomes a way of life and making that a part of your life can help you think through some of the problems or uncertainties that you may have throughout your life.

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The Wonderful Seasons

Springtime is the most perfect time of the year because the flowers are starting to bloom, the trees are starting to get their leaves, and the birds are coming out even though they come out all year long. It is still my favorite time of the year. I enjoy sitting in the springtime sun watching the wildlife come and go. The stunning green leaves and beautiful flower’s that bloom in the springtime fill the air with the calming effect. Although it does mess with the nasal passages it is still the time when you can get the spring cleaning done, have a yard sale without having a heat stroke, and enjoy the family time. Watching the insects and learning about the many things that come alive when springtime comes. The children enjoy learning about the variety of bugs that come out in the springtime and enjoy collecting the insects to feed the lizards and frogs that they have in their terrarium. The springtime is the best time of the year to find insects because you do not have to worry about tics, or other pests that would disturb your learning experience. Summer of course, is the hottest season of the year and you do not feel like doing much outside because of the hot weather. Of course, you can find some wonderful insects and flowers blooming all around the yard. Growing a garden is the best time of all of these seasons because you will have fresh produce and lots of other good things to eat. This spring I have planted lilies, carnations, and many other flower’s in the front yard. In the side yard I have planted tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers and they are looking wonderful right now.

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The Holiday Season

During the holiday season, spending time with family, and friends is something everyone does around the world. Holiday’s are a time of sharing those special moments with the ones that you love.

The dinner was wonderful and everyone enjoyed the good food that was made. They had a beautiful Ham, green beans, baked beans, macaroni salad, potato salad, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs. Of course, there are enough left overs for dinner tonight and possibly the next night.

The stresses of the holidays are over and things will get back to normal. The children have the week off from school. The wind is gushing over the house. It is rather scary to listen to right now. The wind is blowing under the trailer as well and messing up the television. Bad weather is on the way while she sits here watching Frasier.

Another morning of quiet time for mommy. Relaxing and soothing everyone should take time for themselves. She walks into the kitchen and watches the interstate traffic going in both directions. The holiday traffic and crowds that will swarm the malls, Walmart, and other shops with returns.

It’s a little after seven o’clock this morning and the sun has not risen yet. The lights that surround the mountains in the darkness is quite amazing that many people live throughout the mountains.

She fed George the turtle this morning. He is a funny turtle sometimes. He will try to get out of the cage. Sometimes he flutters his front hands around his face. The children have three frogs Lizzie, Fred, and little Tim. They ate learning about the frogs and our lizard speedy Gonzalez. The children name all of their little bugs that they have studied the past year.

The cherry tomato plants are doing wonderful, and the avacado trees are going to be potted up for inside plants. There are two or three lemon plants growing along with herbs and other items as well. The gnats populate an endless supply of food for the frogs, and the lizard. The children collect many different species of food for the frogs, and lizard. This project has turned out to be a wonderful project for the children, and myself to learn more about the plant and insect life around us.

Terrarium July 2012


The children had found two toads the other day, and decided to put them in the terrarium. They have named the toad Trevor, and trevrina. Dakota and Bryson went outside to capture some crickets and other bugs for the newest members of the family. Although the boys have collected bugs throughout the year and especially the pill bugs add up.over the months. With all


Cricket molting

research done throughout the year and quizzes taken to understand the life cycles of plants and animals of all kinds.

Centipedes, millipedes, pill bugs, praying mantids, spiders, and many other insects living in the terrarium throughout this project. Tha children have learned a ton of informarion about the different insects out in the world today. The first cocoon they found did not have anything in it and ended up decompossing within the soil. Since, the start of the terrarium project the children have enjoyed the part of finding new insects to watch, and monitor. Researching is the key to having a successful project.


Another successful project will be underway shortly. The children will learn how to take care of animals, grow a garden, and many other things next school year. Homeschooling is womderful to say the least. She enjoys every minute with her children and exploring new boundaries of topics.