Interview protocol

You know I do not have much experience in hiring people to work for a company.  However,  I know of that you should not wear certain things when you go on an interview.  You want to look professional so that you impress your future boss.  The first impression means everything because that  is the impression your boss is going to get of you.  You have to be confident and sure of yourself. 

The candidate will be asked numerous questions about themselves, their work ethic, their personality, and many other things.  You have to be sure of yourself,  and be proud of the things that you are proficient. You need to also keep in mind that you need to bring a resume because most places require you to be prepared if they ask about your previous employment.

You do not want to leave a bad impression on your future boss because you want to be hired for the position. You need to dress accordingly to show the employer that you mean business.  You have to care about how you look, speak, and act.

You do not want to show up for an interview wearing something that you would wear out with your friends to the club. This would lead the prospective employer wondering how you would dress when you arrive to start your first day.

In order to get the job you have to present yourself in a way that gets you the job. Confidence and punctuality are the key.  As well as being prepared with the right information that you will need.

Management Experience

To obtain a rewarding opportunity as well as challenging employment so that I am able to excel at all that I do.
Summary of Qualifications:
• Inventory control, management, training, copying, bookkeeping, and appointment setting. Excellent communication skills, a professional telephone voice, organizational skills, Strong knowledge of Microsoft word with a typing speed of 40 WPM.
• Ability to work as a team or independently and a team leader. Efficient at Microsoft word, power points, professional, filing papers, alphabetizing, scheduling, and customer service.
Work Experience
3/2011 – Present Associate Ruby Tuesday’s
Reliable, team player, and customer service
2/2010-2/2011 Relief Manager Waffle House
Reliable, team player, customer service, and inventory control.
10/2008 – 2/2010 Relief Manager Waffle House
Inventory control, staffing, payroll, customer service, and management.
6/2007 – 6/2008 Department of Human Services Secretary
Appointment setting, faxing, copying, bookkeeping, and transferring databases.
3/2006-6/2007 Relief Manager Waffle House
Inventory control, staffing, payroll, customer service, and management.

8/2011 University of Phoenix On line
Master’s Degree Business Administration/Accounting
5/2009 University of Phoenix On line
Bachelor’s Degree Business Management
References: Available on Request

The Stresses of the Real World

While listening to the birds chirping in the background, thinking about the upcoming stresses in her life, and wondering how things will play out in the end. She wonders how she is supposed to tell her children to go to college when it has not helped her out in the least. Countless resume’s she has sent out to numerous counties, and then no one calls and she does not hear any replies to the contrary about her skills, and knowledge. Putting your education on your resume will hurt the results because many company’s think that you will not work for the rate that they are paying. It is almost as if no one wants anyone to succeed in life. People should just stand around taking the beatings of loans; bills, working every day for the rest of your life, and watching the prices of food and other items getting higher and higher. While gas prices are starting to go down everything else is on the rise.
Well in this day and time, it is hard to keep the faith that things will work out in the end. She has spent most of her life doing things for other people and making money for them by doing the job the best that she can and with nothing in return. The future does not look to promising here in this small town. If you do not know certain people, you do not get all the goodies. In order, for you to make it in a world you have to know everyone that matters. It is a win or lose situation and if you do not know the right people and have the right connections, you will not go anywhere. In this day and time, knowing the right people can get you the job that you have dreamed of and she wonders how things will look in the future.
Throughout your life you are told that you need to have an education to get that dream job what they do not tell you is that it may take quite a long time before you finally get that dream job. Some students upon graduating have accomplished obtaining their dream job, and some students are not lucky enough and have to keep searching for that job. Furthermore, statistics are against many of the graduating students this year, and in future years because of the state of the economy. Therefore, with thousands of students who are graduating and face years of paying off student loans that increase every year, you pay on them. You could pay on these loans for years to come without little relief. There literally is no way out of student loans unless you automatically become rich overnight and can pay the entire bill off. The chances and odds are against you no matter how you look at the situation.
Talking to your college counselor’s does not do any good. She called one time to seek advice about where she should look for a job, who she could contact for resume help instead of paying more money to have someone else make your resume. The thing that you have to go through in this world is amazing. Not only paying for college on a small salary but also not being able to find a decent job in this small town that does not cost an arm and a leg to get a license. This world does not have many mentors that she would consider a mentor because many people do not want others to succeed or show them up with knowledge or skills. She knows that other people are better than she is however; she is better at some things than other people are.
With more than what feels like thirty or forty years of debt piled up against her in this dwindling economy with no new jobs being put in the economy and current jobs you have to wait for someone to quit or keel over. Sometimes it makes you wonder how people still can afford to eat out, drive their car, and other things that they like to do. It is quite amazing to see how many people still do not think that anything is going to happen. They have a surprise coming to them if they think that things are not going to get worse because they are. She knows that in the end it all works out so she keeps on working to make ends meet on the little income she brings in. Writing down everything that she does throughout the day, week, months, and years from here on out allowing her to see the accomplishments that she has made over the years. The real world and reality is that now with no jobs in the economy she has to work twice as hard to make her future dreams of having her own business become a reality.
At the end of the day, she takes her shoes off and sits back to watch the children as they watch television, and talks about the day that she had. Whom she met, and whom she talked to today. Furthermore, it seems quite interesting to listen to customers, and what actions they take to manage to make it through the rough spots throughout their life. The worries of the day are over and another dollar or two earned for the day. She will wake up in the morning and do it all over again for the rest of her life or until something finally goes her way. She has a talent for writing, and enjoys spending the quiet time talking about the things that she has accomplished and whom she has talked to during the day.