Beyond Your Blog: Freelancing, Getting Paid to Write, and Writing for Free

Awesome! I love writing…I am excited about how many follower’s I have on my blog. I never thought that people would like the things that I write about. I think the most impressive thing was when I was searching the internet and found one of the articles I had written for another person during my writing experience on Odesk….

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Many of you are growing as writers and seek opportunities beyond your blog. To continue this conversation, let’s talk about freelancing and getting paid to write, and the flip side of this: writing for free and exposure. We’ve rounded up four working writers who offer different perspectives on the business of writing:

  • Julie Schwietert Collazo, a bilingual writer/editor who has written for publications such as National Geographic Traveler and Scientific American, blogs at Cuaderno Inedito.
  • Caitlin Kelly, a National Magazine Award winner and frequent contributor to the New York Times, blogs at Broadside.
  • Kristen Hansen Brakeman, a writer who has contributed to the Washington Post and the New York TimesMotherlode, blogs at
  • Deborah Lee Luskin, an award-winning novelist and radio commentator, blogs at Live to Write — Write to Live: a collaborative blog for the New Hampshire…

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Write, write, write

This is so true! The more you write the better the stories are that you come up with. You have to enjoy writing....The words just seem to flow through the paper and you cannot think about grammar, punctuation or anything like that until you are done writing. A year ago I wrote over 100,000 words … Continue reading Write, write, write