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March is Women's History MonthMarch is Women’s History Month

In the past thrity years there have been a flood of women’s diaries and journals have been discovered and published. Attics, basements and libraries have provided perfect veils for the words and thoughts of women. No one excepted that others would be interesting in their thoughts or lives. So many lived blindingly boring lives trying to be what she was supposed to be. Feminist scholars have found many and later generations recognized the gift their grandmothers left for the world. Several anthologies of these finds have been compiled and published in honor of these women who were invisible and silent except for their pens.

It is hard to describe the variety of women’s diaries, journals, and letters; they resist categorization and comparison They now are called discontinuous prose.  Or writing that is done. Often letters are included in women’s writing. Diaries are often categorized by…

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The Author of these articles

The authour of these articles is Tammy Hopkinson and no one else. Please do not use this information for your own personal gain. I have provided this blog to voice my opinions and thoughts. Not for other people to make money from the materials that I have posted. I am going to be making several changes and for the people who use my material as their own is plagiarism.

Writing a Book

I love to write

Writing & Skirt

I have thought about writing a book especially when I can write around 100,000 words in one year in a journal about all the things that happen in a years time and on a daily basis. I have journal entries from different places that I have worked in and most of the comments are funnier now than they were when I wrote them. It is interesting the things that you find out about people when you just listen to them talking about their lives. I have managed to almost write 20,000 this year from the day to day grind. Like Saturday the children and I have been building a Terrarium and we found two cocoons and one of them hatched Saturday morning. These are the moments that I cherish in my journal writings.

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The process of writing the book is almost in the editing stage. Almost a year of writing gives you a feeling of accomplishment. She has written over 100,000 words thus year alone including writings from last year, and her notebooks lying around the house in different places. Of course, everyone wants to know what is written in those entries. Only time will tell as she embarks in the world if finding out the true meaning of editing.