To my Readers

I have to say that I  never imagined that people would read the articles that I write about the things that  I learned in school or anything that is on my mind at a certain moment. It is quite interesting that the more you change something about your blog it drives more traffic into reading the articles that you have on your blog or website. I have enjoyed writing these articles and will continue to strive to attract more people to read the information that I have and contributing to the issues of real life compared to fantasy. Real world examples of how people like us make things happen when you do not have much. I have found that writing is becoming the interest in my life as well as working a full-time job.

McDonald’s Mom

Today I read the article about the McDonald’s mom that took video of the disturbing things that were found in the play area of the restaurant. I think that she hit on a key issue of restaurant’s that still carry the play areas for children. Furthermore, I have three children and although they are too big to be playing in the play area they did when they were little kids. Years ago there was a little child that got stuck in the bottom with a hyperdermic needle and died from the injected drug. It was found at the bottom of the ball area. No one ever cleaned the area and the end result was not pretty. I commend this mother for what she has done and I will stick behind her as well. A couple of weeks ago I walked into the McDonald’s in our area and the ice machine had mold on the plastic part where the ice comes out. I informed the manager but nothing has been done about it since I said something. The safety of our children are at stake because the restaurants do not care or clean the play area’s.