The Management World

It is not rocket science to become a manager however, it does takes patience, and some understanding to be a manager. You have to be in control of everything that goes on in your restaurant, hotel, business or whatever you are working in as a manager. You have to set the ground rules, and develop … Continue reading The Management World

What it Takes to be a Leader

Many people do not understand the concepts of being a leader within the workplace. They become too involved in the lives of other people that they work with. They become friends, which ends up causing problems down the road. People do not understand that you have to show your employee is that you are willing … Continue reading What it Takes to be a Leader

Wk 5 – Leadership

Awesome Post!!!! You must be a leader not a follower. Leadership is the main key to a successful business or career.


The 10 leadership skills I think are the most important for the success of a company are communication, listening, management, motivation, problem solving, delegation, planning, group organizing, charisma, and influence. The number one skill that I think should be most developed is the communication portion. A great communicator is able to motivate and inspire, which leads to influencing and individual or group. These are key elements needed to be good a leader. In addition to communicating to people, you need to to equally be able to listen to people, and even more importantly understand what they are telling you. I feel my skill set includes most of these, including communication. I learned a lot of my communication skills through the sign industry while working with clients and organizing their direction of logo designs and marketing strategies. I also was able to communicate back to my customers their needs and designs…

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