Learning SQL for the first time.

Interestingly enough I have decided to take on a new challenge with learning the various types of language you can use on the computer through codecademy. It is quite amazing that there are all these different types of programming languages and the amount of money within the salary range is quite impressive. Just to sit at your desk and make changes to databases and create them all from your computer. although it takes some time to learn the commands but when you use it enough you learn a lot faster. I am in the process of doing #SQL and it is quite interesting to say the least. I have enjoyed working on this project because of the thought process that you have to use to remember the commands that you want to use to update, delete, and manage any type of database that you want. I am also interested in learning JAVA, CSS, HTML, and all the other ones as well. You cannot go wrong with knowing this information and how to incorporate it in your business or trying to find a job in the field. My ultimate goal is to learn things that are new to me so that I can further my career in pursing my own business. Furthermore, why not add to the current education that I have with something that I may be able to use in the future.

More to come working on this project day by day.


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The Outside World

When I look outside I see the wonderful things that make the world what it is at one point in our lives we have to look beyond the trees, forest, and other things that you may see outside. There are many things that you can learn about the outside as we have learned through our homeschooling within the last three years. The children have learned so much about the outside world, forest, trees, insects, and other things that you may see if you sit still long enough. You have to imagine sometimes some of the things that you would like to see by using your imagination you can see anything that you want. It just depends on how much you would like to see when you take that stroll outside. Walking through the forest, woods, or anything else gives you that calm collective feeling of the outdoors, and the different types of wildlife that you may see on your stroll. Finding your calm peace of mind is what makes the day brighter. Seeing something that you have never seen before on your walks makes you want to walk more because you never know what you will see the next time. It becomes a way of life and making that a part of your life can help you think through some of the problems or uncertainties that you may have throughout your life.

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