Opening Your Heart


Sometimes it is hard to open your heart to other people for the fear of being hurt all over again. You shield yourself from the pain of being hurt because of the past issues that you have had over the years. You take precautions because you do not trust people with your feelings, and your heart.

Time is a healing process and you have to open your heart to other’s in order to find love, peace, and happiness in the world. Sometimes you cannot keep your heart hidden from the ones that you love because it causes them pain as well.

Life is a roller coaster and you cannot just let it roll by without any hope of having a lovely life. You have to keep your faith that you life is going to be full of wonderful things. Lovely children, a good husband, and a life filled with the utmost happiness.

She tries to inspire people with the articles that she writes and the words just flow from her mind. She has everything that she could possibly want in this life and she is grateful that she can spend it with the ones that she opens her heart to each and everyday.

Happiness From the Heart


In your life you have many challenges and obstacles that you have to face. Whether you want to or not it is a part of life. People seem to think that happiness is found by having money, fast cars or anything else that they might want out of life. However, sure having money would lighten the load, and take some stress off but in the end when all that money is gone where are you going to be?

I may not have money, a nice car, fancy things or everything that I want. The things that I do have is a loving family, a home to call our own, a good job, and just about everything that I could ever need at this point in my life. My children, and husband are the most important part of my life right now. Some things are just not that important to people and having lots of money is one of those things it cannot buy love or happiness. Well it can buy love and happiness if you are willing to go into debt for the rest of your life. It is true that life sometimes brings some unexpected surprises and there is nothing that you can do about it but work through those unexpected surprises no matter what the cost.

She has this question come up a lot from people. What do you give up for your children? Well the answer is quite simple we give up a lot for our children because they are the most important part of our lives. When you are a parent you cannot just take off when you feel like it, buy what you want without making sure that your children have what they need or make them go without food, water, shelter or clothes just because you found something that you want. That is not being a parent! We give up a lot because our children are the most important thing to us right now. Finding happiness in the world takes one thing and that is looking at your children and watching them become the young adults that they should be in this world. They need to know that everything does not come easy and that they cannot have everything that they want out of life unless they have a good paying job.

She watches as parents buy everything that their children want regardless of whether they have the money or not. That is giving your children the wrong aspect of the world because when they finally grow up they are going to think that they can have and do anything that they want without regards to the consequences of their actions.

So our happiness is to spend time with our family in our home. We may not have cable television, the latest game consoles, the biggest televisions or anything else. We have our love and unconditional support as a family. We make sure that we have the things that we need and everything else is optional. Unless we strike it rich from the lottery we will continue to live our life the way that we do. We do not need much except for the essential things in life.

Everyone is different and have different expectations of how they want to live their life and that is their choice. If they are happy with the way their life is going then they have found happiness in the world.

Of Course, we want more out of life but good things come to those who wait. She knows that things will work in their favor, and the wait will be worth it in the end.

Love Is…A Valentine’s Day Roundup

You are a wonderful blogger. I really enjoyed reading this blog. You can see love in every shape and size.

The Blog

Love…it comes in different shapes and sizes, and means so many things to so many people. On this auspicious day we wanted to show our love for the myriad ways you express love on

Versed in love

We were struck by littlepeace’s haiku mediation on the “joy of now” when you’re in love over at Innocence Abroad.

(the) present

be here now — with you
driving down snow-covered streets,
evening armchair talks

be here now — with you
pea shoots, tomato fragrance
worm ends in rich soil

be here now — with you
laughing together, today,
with crinkled-eye smiles

be here now — with you
this moment, this moment, this,
enjoying the gift

Nicholas Gagnier‘s spare, beautiful love poem, A Crumpled Valentine, is a lovely reminder that when it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that counts.

Love in photographs

Photographer Steve McCurry has traveled the…

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On Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s card

What better way to spend your Valentine’s Day with the ones that you love. Making homemade cards is the best gift in the world to those mom’s out there. Every mom loves recieving homemade cards from their children and they can cherish them for years to come. The surprised look on her face when she looks at the handy artwork that her children has done with their immagination.

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