Taking Business into your Own Hands

Many people just go to work because they have to. Finding the right employer takes time and energy. The business world portrayed in the textbooks allows much to desire in the real world. Companies now have the choice on which candidate would make the best employee within their company. However, throughout the business world places … Continue reading Taking Business into your Own Hands

The Smell of Success

Another milestone in my life finally achieving a Master's degree, and this ends another chapter in my life. What an accomplishment now new doors opening as I type this article. I have achieved quite a few things in my life so far. I am proud of the accomplishments that I have achieved in the past … Continue reading The Smell of Success

Writing a Book

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans Best Selling Books I love to write Writing & Skirt I have thought about writing a book especially when I can write around 100,000 words in one year in a journal about all the things that happen in a years time and on a daily basis. I have journal's from different … Continue reading Writing a Book