Our Children are Precious

In the last couple of weeks she has heard about parents leaving their children in the car with the high temperatures. How can you not know that your children are in the car? How can you turn a blind eye to not making sure that your children are safe at the proper places? She cannot understand how parents can leave their children in the car while they go grocery shopping, go into a bar, and go to work or anything else to that nature before making sure that your children are safe from harm.

People like this should not have children because they are not ready for them and are only thinking about themselves. It saddens her to hear about some foolish parent that decided to leave their child in a car, leave them in the trash or something else to that effect. Come on when the world has children having children something needs to be done. Parents start being parents know what your child is doing, where they are and who they are with. Do not allow them to have sex until they are married. What happened to the world? It is like parents are excited that their little girl is pregnant at such a young age. It is the normal of the world and no one says anything.

She has seen 13 year old girls having children when they should be worried about school and the fault of this lies on the parents for letting their little girl have sex, and hang out with boys. She has a teenage girl and she is so glad that she homeschools because she would be learning more than what she needed to know going to public school. She also has two teenage boys and they are not interested in girls at the present time. Thank goodness they will enjoy their life without the stresses of the teenage life. Some people say that they resent her because they do not have friends. You know what they tell her they love her every day and that they are thankful for being homeschooled. When they get older and out of the house that is when they can have friends maybe by that time they will be able to pick out the good people instead of following the crowd. Teenager’s do not need to worry about boys, kissing, sex, or anything else but getting an education and making something of themselves in this world.

Back in the old days boys courted the girls, asked dad for permission to take his daughter out, asked permission to marry her, and many other things. Sexual intercourse was reserved for the wedding night not the second date. Back then they did not show affection out in public because it was meant to stay private. Now, they post all about it on Facebook, and other social media’s. She can remember working at Burger King and some ladies were coming through the drive thru talking about their night and the employee’s inside were listening to ever detail. People do not think about the things that they say in public, and they surely do not care what they do in public. No one wants to see you making out in public that is what they make rooms for instead of flaunting it out in public.

There is nothing wrong with being old-fashioned in your way of thinking and you certainly do not have adhered to the current way of doing things in this world. Parents need to raise their children with morals, modesty, and to think about what they are doing before something bad happens. You cannot get on Facebook anymore without people posting pictures of them in bikinis, bra and panties, posing in provocative poses, and other things like that. It is insane to exploit yourself like this because of the perverted people that are in the world today. Just think about who is using your pictures and do you want to think about how they are using your pictures? Come on this is a sick world we live in and no one seems to care about the outcome.

An Observation of The World of Parenting In “2014”

Sometimes she wonders what people think about when they up and leave their children without any regards at how it will effect them. It is because they do not care about anyone except for what they want in life. Young people do not have any morals about anything in this world. They only care about what they want and no one else matters. Sometimes it may be a good thing that parents up and leave their children because at least then they would have a fighting chance to make something of themselves. In this day and time the younger generation just  does not care about anything except themselves.

Where have the parents gone? Parents are not parents these days because they do not pay attention to what their children need to know about in the world. It is okay for a little girl or little boys to go out, have sex, and get pregnant. You know it takes two to tango and make babies. Therefore, it is going to take two to raise the babies, and keep them out of harms way. A relationship is 50/50 and it takes both of you to make the relationship work. You cannot take each other for granted and you have to work together to make your relationship work.

Because they know that mom and dad will be there to step in and take care of the child because she has to go to school, work, and do what they want to do. Everyday parents are raising their grandchildren, and great grandchildren because the parents do not want them. They get hooked on drugs, and they do not want to give up their life of partying, and being selfish. If they did not want to have children they should have not put themselves in that situation. They should not put their selfish wants above their children. The human race is strange and the ones that will suffer this will be our generation of children.

Sometimes it is not the parents fault for how their grown children act and do the things that they do. It is because of the people that they hang around and if you are going to hang around people that do drugs, drink all the time, party all the time, and leave their children to fend for themselves then they are better off with the grandparents. Some of the people that have children today should not have children because they are not ready to take on the responsibility of another living being.

People think that they are owed food stamps, welfare, and everything else that they get for free. Although they are getting it for free because it is the taxpayer’s that are having to pay for these people to spend their actual money on things that they do not need. I admit that there are some people that need the help and they should receive the help. However, they should make the effort into making their life better so that they do not need the help from the government. They cannot support the ones that they have but then they go out and get pregnant all over again.

Back in the old days the man of the house went out and worked to bring in the money, and the woman stayed home to take care of the house, and children. However, in the world today it takes two to make ends meet and sometimes you cannot make ends meet with both parties working. You have to work different shifts because some parents do not want to leave their children in the care of people that they do not know. However, you do what you have to do for your children, and family.

She knows that there are some good parents out in the world that teach their children the right and wrong way to be. She admires the ones that actually take the time to spend those precious moments with their children because they do not come all the time. Every time she turns on the television, radio, internet and reads about children that have been tossed out like a piece of garbage, left in cars, being abducted or anything like that it is depressing because these children cannot defend themselves. They are not old enough to know what is going on and why they are being discarded like trash or left behind for someone else to take care of them.

Sometimes they miss having little children running around the house. They are precious little beings. To watch their personalities come alive each year that they grow makes you think about those moments when they are older. Children are precious and we need to make sure that we love, nurture, and raise them to be leaders not follower’s.

Some People Should Not Have Children

You know the other day while I was getting off of work my husband saw this woman leave her four year old daughter in a parking lot next to the McDonalds for about twenty to thirty minutes. While the woman was inside getting food she came around the corner with her other child in a stroller. Now, why in the world would you not take both of your children into the store with you instead of leaving one child in a empty parking lot with no adults around? What in the world is wrong with people these days? I cannot understand why people have children if they do not want the responsibility to care for them. I could never do this to my children they are precious little beings and they do not understand what is going on around them. What would have happened if someone picked her up and took off with her? I do not understand people who throw their little babies in the garbage like they do not have any feelings what so ever! If one showed up on my doorsteps I would accept them with open arms. It just makes me sick that people do this to these precious human beings. They are little they do not know any better. These women need to grow up and start being parents.

It just blows my mind that people have children when they are still a child themselves. I know what it is like to be a single parent but there is no way that I would leave my child somewhere by themselves at four years old. You cannot expect them to stay in one place they are little they are going to roam around looking for you no matter what.

I cannot understand why people have to sexually abuse their little children either. Come on they are children they do not know what is going on and what you are doing. They do however, know that it is wrong! You should never touch your child inappropriately for any reason. Okay! I have said my peace it just flew all over me yesterday to get off work and find out that a woman left her child to go into a restaurant instead of taking the child in with her it just does not make any sense!

The Start of 2013


Today is the first day of the new year and there will be many things on the agenda for the upcoming year.

One of the items on the list is to make sure to write everyday any thoughts, conversations or anything else that comes to mind during the day. Keeping notes about what happened throughout the day can lead to some wonderful stories that others would love to read.

The second item on the list is to become a professor, and put this education to use. Instead of watching it waste away with nothing to show for the hard effort to pass all classes.

The third thing is to keep the children interested in the schoolwork that they are required to learn in the upcoming school year. The children love to learn and they also love to add more items to our terrarium.


There are other things that she would love to accomplish this year along with the ones that are listed. She will manage to make every goal this year.

This chilly weather this morning as the fog goes over the mountains. The children are waking up and it is time to start the day of homeschooling. They enjoy every minute of being at home. Some parents think that homeschooling is not good for children because they do not socialize as much as public school children do.

Personally, I believe that my children have done better at home because they receive that one on one experience that they would not get in public school. They have a social life, and spend time with other children.

They enjoy the time that they spend with their friends. Some people say that their children will not know how to kiss or how to communicate with other children especially during highschool.

Well again my personal opinion is that children are going to school for an education not to learn how to kiss, do drugs, or anything else. There are too many things going on in the world today and to many things that parents have to worry about. They should not have to worry about their little children getting drugs or anything else from other children.


Well the first weekend of the new year is over. Students and teachers across the state are heading back to school. The chilly air this morning leaves the feeling of warmth as the wood stove burns to keep the house warm for the children.

There is nothing like waking up in the morning to the aroma of fresh cut wood, and the aromatic smells from the foldger’s coffee brewing. The sounds of the interstate traffic going in either direction to reach their destination.


The day starts off with coffee, and a nice little fire. The children are sleeping and the husband went to work. As she sits here in the kitchen looking out at the frost covered ground. Listening to the traffic go up and down the interstate. Everyday wondering where they are headed, and what they will do when they reach their destination.

She sent the children on a scavenger hunt yesterday to find some items that they are learning about in class. They had fun and found most of the items on the list. Of course, some of the items were placed in the little terrarium that Dakota made to keep the pill bugs in to feed the frogs.