Hot Sauce & the Neurobiology of the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Awesome post! In this household we eat quite a bit of hot sauce, hot peppers, and many other hot items. Even though these items give us heartburn, indigestion, and pain we still eat them because we think that it is good. It is said that hot and spicy foods are good for you so why not enjoy them while you can. Last night we made a carribean jerk chicken and it was so good. Not everyone enjoys spicy foods and that is great that leaves more for the ones that do like the spicy food.

Neuroscience Is The New Black

[Script]: You can look at the neurobiology of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict through the prism of hot sauce. A glance at online hot sauce offerings shows that for millions, as one label proclaims, “Pain is good”. That certain people enjoy suffering is both common knowledge and punchline. “How many Jewish mothers does it take to change a lightbulb?” “It’s alright I’ll just sit here in the dark.” According to University of Pennsylvania researcher professor Paul Rozin, masochism, “the enjoyment of what appears painful or tiresome.” Exists on a spectrum of human pleasures- duh!. Riding on roller coasters, taking super hot baths, an affection for astringent drinks, the delight of sore muscles after a hard workout and many other human activities all the way to self mutilation can be considered forms of what professor Rozin calls “benign masochism”.

He studied the eating habits of Mexican children. Mexican babies react negatively to capsaicin…

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The Lovely Splendor of the Outdoors 2

One of the baby hawks that is living in the heritage oak tree that is in our front yard. Beautiful flowers that you can look at during the spring, and summer months. The best picture of the flower’s in our front flower bed this year! I absolutely love these flowers. An Absolutely beautiful piece to … Continue reading The Lovely Splendor of the Outdoors 2