Motives have a lot to do with all that you do in your life. You have to be motivated to do things in your life. Enemies have a motive to harm you in every way possible. Throughout the world people help the homeless and is a good motive because they want to help those in need. She often wonders what motivates people to be heartless, and uncaring to the hurtful things they do to others in the world. People like this are usually only concerned about themselves and not thinking about how the other person is feeling about the situation at hand. Everyone has motives that have some type of impact on their life. What they do to lessen that impact is up to them. If you do not have the desire to make a difference in your life and you do not ask for help from others you have no one to blame but yourself. There are plenty of people who have it worse off that you do and you have to remember that you are not owed anything in this world. You have to work for it if you want it to happen in your life. No one is going to give you anything that you want but yourself.

Types of Motives

There are many different types of motives in this world the motive to murder, rape, steal, drugs, alcohol, embezzling, extortion, and the list could go on and on throughout the world these things are happening and the people doing these things have only one thing on their mind themselves. Sometimes there are problems within the persons brain that causes these types of actions. Most of the time these actions are carried out by games, depression, anxiety, childhood issues, tumors, and many other things. Drugs are the most common form of violence because once you are hooked on the drug you lose control of your thoughts, and actions. Being impaired by these drugs can cause you to do things that you would normally not do if you were not impaired by the drugs. Games that children, teenagers, and adults play for the amusement allow the person to think that it is okay for them to do these types of things because they are stuck in the fantasy world. They play these games for hours, and days on end without stopping. This changes the way that your brain is thinking and reacting to things in the real world because they are in the mindset of the game.


Everyone judges people in this world you are judging them on how they react, how they talk, and many other things because you want to protect yourself and your family from harm. Who knows how people are  going to react in this world you could say something and it makes them go insane. You could do something that they do not like and they could go off the wall. You could deny them a date and they would go on a killing spree. People in this world have too many issues going on in their life and you never know when someone is going to just pop and do something crazy. You have to judge people every day because you want to know in your mind that this person is not going to do harm. This is how people make decisions in their life to keep them safe from harm. You have to listen to your little voices in your mind that tell you this is something that you do not need to do.


Sometimes you think someone is not capable of doing harm but in retrospect they have done harm to someone in their life. There are many different types of harm throughout the world like mental, physical, verbal, bullying, and many other things that you could harm people with in the world or your life. It is crazy but at one point in everyone’s life at least one type of this has done harm to their personality, perspective, and outlook on their life. It is what you do with what has happened to you throughout your life when you finally break free from those harmful aspects. Many people take these things with them throughout their life without thinking about the consequences it will carry later on in their life. You have to make peace with the things that have happened and move on with your life because you are living for yourself or your family.

Tell Yourself

You are great! You can do anything! You will not live in fear! You will not succumb to their level! You will live a happy and fulfilling life! You are a wonderful person! You are your own boss! You do not bow down to anyone! You do not have to put up with anything that you do not want to in your life. You are meant for greater things in your life and you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. You do not have to put up with someone telling you what to wear, where to go, what to do, and how you live your life. You have to stand up for yourself and what you want out of life.

Parenting In The World Today


You know dealing with teenagers is a pain in the behind. They do not reason with you and they think that they know what it best for them. It is amazing that teenagers think that they know everything in the world when it comes to a variety of things. They think that parents are just giving them a hard time just for fun. However, parents are just trying to make them see that live is not easy, and they cannot always have what they want out of life.

People thinks that it is easy to work and that all they have to do is show up. They think that they do not have to do anything else. Teenager’s do not like to work and they do not think that they should have to do more than their share. Teenager’s just do not understand how the world works and they do not want to know. Sometimes you just have to let them see for themselves how the world can be and maybe then they will understand.

One of these days they will have their own children and they will be going through the same stuff that they put their parents through but only worse. It is crazy how when you get older; have children of your own that you find out that your parents were right about some of the things that you thought you knew about when you were a teenager. It is the little things in life that bring back those memories of your childhood and how you did not listen to your parents. You try to bring your children up the right way and hope that everything works out in the end. Once they reach that age of adulthood you hope that the things that you have taught them over the years will make them a honest, hardworking person.

However, you cannot see into the future and the only thing that you can do is be there for your children to help them through their trials, and tribulations throughout their life. Many parents do not care if their teenager’s are doing the right thing or not. In this day and time it is considered okay for a teenager to become pregnant, have sex before they are married, and many other things. Where did the morals go? What is different about the world today compared to years ago when boys, and girls courted each other before they had intimate relationships?

Parents do not seem to mind that their teenager’s are going out to parties having a good time; getting pregnant, doing drugs, drinking, and anything else that they want. Parents do not seem to mind that their 13 year old is going to have a baby when they are just a baby themselves. She knows that when she had her first child she did not know anything about being a mother to another life. It was something that she had to learn through trials. However, she could not be a better mother now and she cherishes the fact that her children are who they are right now. She keeps her children close, and tries to keep them out of harms way. Because you cannot trust anyone in this world today. You never know who will hurt you and you do not know when people will snap.

She knows that she cannot keep them safe forever but she does know that right now she can limit the people that they are around. At least her children have enjoyed their childhood without the worry of games, cell phones, internet, and other things. She is old fashioned in the way that she thinks and some people seem to think that her children will not appreciate the things that they have done for them. You know her children say “I Love You” a million times a day. They see what happens in the world today from the news, and the radio. Children missing, abducted, raped, murdered, and whatever else happens to them. My heart hurts every time I have to hear about little children, adults, and many other innocent people that have to go through anything like this.

It is sad and scary to think that our children have to grow up in a world like this. It is sickening to see that the world is heading into a place that no one wants to live in. Every time you turn on the television something bad has happened somewhere in the world. All it takes is saying something wrong to someone and they will snap into someone that you do not know. How safe is our children in this world? Why do parents not keep a closer eye on what their children are doing? What happens when your child or teenager gets into trouble do you bail them out or let them learn a lesson? When she was a teenager she did not think about having sex, doing drugs or hanging out with the cool people. That is all these children think about now is making sure that they are part of the crowd doing what the cool kids do. It is quite amazing that people allow themselves to follow the crowd instead of being themselves.

You do not have to act like something that you are not because if people like you for who you are then you will not have any problems. She tries to be herself in every situation because if people do not know the real you how are they going to know if they like you. Now, in the age of technology parents have many things that they can put their children in front of to keep them out of their hair.  A built in babysitter that is going to corrupt their minds from playing games, sitting in front of the television, playing on their cell phones, I pads, and handheld devices. What happened to making children go outside and use their imagination?

Oh wait! It is easier to buy them expensive items to keep them occupied and out of your hair than to make them use their minds to have fun. Children are learning way to much at such an early age that they think that it is the way that it is done. Parents do way to much in front of their children and what happens when these children see these things. When you do drugs in front of your children they think that it is okay to do these things. Then you have your children selling drugs to other little children because they saw their parents doing it. When children see their parents having sex in front of them they think that it is okay and so they are going to do the same thing. Because that is what they have seen when you get a little child that can tell you everything about sex there is something wrong with that picture.

She tries to understand why parents do some of the things that they do and she just cannot understand what people do. Allowing your child to get their nails done like an adult, dressing them up to look like they are older than what they are, letting them go out on dates before they even become a teenager, allowing them to have a Facebook page at ten or eleven years old, giving them cell phones at ten years old, I pads at the age of eight or younger, buying the most expensive games because that is what your child wants, and anything that they want. The future children of the world spend their time playing way to many games and even adults get carried away with playing games. She has seen many adults live their life for playing games, which that is their right if that is what they want to do with their life.

This is not teaching our children anything about the real world. When they grow up and get out on their own they are not going to know what to do because their parents bought them anything and everything that they wanted. So what is the parents going to go to their house all the time to take care of them? Clean their house, cook for them, do their laundry, and whatever else they want. When does it end? When do they finally learn that they cannot have everything that they want out of life unless they work for it. When do they step up and do these things for themselves? It is essential that they learn how to cook, clean, work, and do things for themselves.

To each his own in this world. This is some of the reasons why children are going around doing the stupid things that they do. When you are stuck in a house playing nothing but violent games, and watching violence on television it sends the wrong message to our younger crowd. They seem to think that it is okay to do these things because the people in the videos, and on television make it as real as they possibly can. It would be interesting to see what type of effects playing violent games or watching violence everyday has on the mind, and brain. It has to send some type of hidden message within the things that they are seeing to make them think that it is okay to shoot up schools, rape, murder or whatever to other people.

When you have games that allow gamers to rape, murder, and who knows what else in the virtual world they will apply those to the real world. How are they going to know what is real and what is not if they are allowed to play these games for long periods of time. A couple of weeks ago she was watching Criminal Minds and there was a man and a woman going around raping, and killing women because it was all part of a game that they were playing for long periods of time. Parents have to know that this is damaging their child’s mind.

Okay now, that I have said my peace about certain things I know that there will be more later on throughout this writing process. It is a scary world that we live in now and the ones that are going to suffer the most is our children, their children, and so on.