In college, you learn how to do research on a variety of things. You have to engage yourself in the midst of learning about things that you never dreamed about throughout your college life. You find out a variety of interesting things when you do research. Right now, I am working on researching my ancestry … Continue reading Research

Do You Like What You Are Reading On This Blog?

I know that if you were not following this blog you would not like what you are reading. However, research is the best key to finding out what your readers want to read about to keep them coming back for more. If you think that I could do better on some areas here on this … Continue reading Do You Like What You Are Reading On This Blog?

Qualitative Variables

When you think about qualitative variables a few of the examples that might be included in this type of research would be gender, type of automobile owned, eye color, state of birth, and religious affiliation. These examples would be used in determining a variety of things while doing their research for a specific reason. You … Continue reading Qualitative Variables