Big Bang Breakthrough

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In case you didn’t hear the news, some really cool sciencey stuff happened this week that proves rapid universal expansion a fraction of a tiny second after the Big Bang. Gravitational waves, first proposed in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity nearly a century ago, have been found. Einstein was right.

Of course, I was. Albert Einstein, 1953. Photograph: Ruth Orkin/Hulton Archive/Getty Images Of course, I was.
Albert Einstein, 1953. Photograph: Ruth Orkin/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

“What does that mean?” you may well ask. “Is the universe going to explode? Will I get a tax break?”

Well, to be perfectly honest, we don’t really know what it means yet, because we’re just dumb Type I primates without the knowledge to travel out of our own solar system let alone go around the block. Nothing has essentially changed with this discovery. Gravity still works the same way. The Earth still rotates around the Sun. We still don’t know how the Big Bang banged in the first…

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The Scientist: How I became a Biology Major

Interesting! I loved learning about science…..

My Simple Living

Image  A few of the Biology books.

When I started my educational endeavor I examined each subject in which I excelled. For some reason beyond me I noticed I did well in the sciences and quite in fact enjoyed the abstract thought involved. Its quite ironic because in High school I never imagined myself as a science major or a college student at the least. During my first year I took all the basic courses that would be involved in any major, but as soon as I took Chemistry I knew that I was in love. Now, I did not pursue Chemistry for several reasons, but specifically for the lack of a solid Chemistry department at my university. My second year came by and I had taken all my basic courses with a heavy emphasis on science courses. Immediately that year I knew that I wanted to search my way into…

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