Firefighters battle massive Gatlinburg condo fire

This is so sad! I am glad that they have rescued some of them. This is about 25 minutes from my hometown. I am sending prayers to the families and hope that they are okay. I have driven on this road and worked at one of the hotels a long time ago before it closed down. My thoughts and prayers are with anyone that is stuck in these condo’s and pray that they get everyone out safely.

Firefighters battle massive Gatlinburg condo fire

Loving Life As A Country Girl


What is there not to love about your life? Nothing! When you are surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature at her finest!


This picture was taken in Tennessee from the property. The clouds were stacked in such a way that it was almost breathtaking to look at. Of course, that is why she took the picture to keep in her memories of the beauty of the mountains.


As the storm clouds roll in over the mountains you know that there is going to be a storm brewing. The clouds cover the mountains leaving nothing but the mist from the lower lying clouds. What a life to live in the mountains surrounded by nothing but the woods, and Mother Nature!


The beauty of day lilies coming up in the spring and only lasting for just a few short months. It still makes you love the life that you have. Enjoying the surroundings of your life will leave you happy and help with the healing process. Sometimes you can sit around and looking at the mountains all your worries seem to fade away with their breathtaking views.


When you are surrounded by the beauty, serenity, and calmness of the mountains it inspires you to write until your hearts content. Many times I have sat around outside writing about the things that I see that pass by. The part of your life that you can always look back to and read about all those wonderful memories you have written about in your journal entries.


The outdoors are also a place you can read any kind of book that you want when you are surrounded by the beauty of your loving life. Reading is a way of learning more about other people, places, and things that surround your world. It even inspires you in your own life and you may even find new ways of doing certain things in your life.


You can put up hummingbird feeders and even though they only come during the summer months they are still beautiful to look at while they are around. The travel all around the world every year. Here where we live now, they stay year round and soon we will be putting up our feeders for the hummingbirds, and birds. It is another loving part of our life.


Taking long walks throughout the trails of the property give you the feeling of easement, and you can stop and look around at the many different trails that the animals make in search of food. You are likely to see bear, deer, coyotes, and anything else within the woods that surround you.


The start of winter sneaks up on you and if you are not prepared the way that you should you are in for a long winter. The children help stack the wood in the house for the winter. The smell of a wood stove is something that you cannot get out of your mind. The mountains draw people to them because of their beauty, and wonderful splendor. You know sometimes it is nice to be snowed in for a few days.

My Home Town

Today is quite chilly here in Newport, Tennessee. A small town that no one hears about unless something tragic happens. Sometimes it is nice to live in a small town because you know just about everyone.

The mountains give off an energy, and a calming that nothing else can. Nothing can top the fog covered mountains early in the morning.


What a wonderful view to wake up to every morning. Many people would rather live in a small town instead of a big city. The population is very low, and many of the people that they see are tourists on their way to Gatlinburg, Sevierville, and Pigeon Forge. These areas have many attractions for people to see, and plenty of shops to find that right gift for you or a loved one.

Another beautiful chilly day here in Newport, Tennessee. The children are getting ready for the school day. Breakfast is cooking and the wood stove is burning. Warning up in here already what a way to spend the morning. As she looks out her window to se the beautiful mountains that provide her with the serenity, and peace of mind. It is not that bad living in a small town however, there are times when she wished that there were more jobs to choose from.

A small town is a wonderful place to raise your children. A home is where you feel right at home with the ones that you love. Spending the holiday time with family and friends while catching up on the comings and goings of life.

Everyone has problems, issues, and other things that prevent spending time with the ones that you love. Just knowing that your family and friends are the when you need them the most.

Spent some time with the family for the holidays. It is wonderful to see everyone. The children had a wonderful time. Of course, by the time they arrived home the children were wired from the candy that they had eaten. Even though they are becoming teenagers the look on their smiling faces while opening their presents is something that she will never forget. The children are her lifeline she wants to make sure that they know how the real world is and what the real world expects from us. Working your fingers to the bones, and thanking the lord for the money that you are making. Thanking him for the job that you have because it allows you to pursue your dreams that you would love to accomplish one day.

It will happen one day she will be the writing star that she wants. She spends her time writing about the things that happen in her life. With the children there is never a dull moment. As her children start getting older she starts to pursue a career in a totally different direction than what she had planned. She recently sent an application for an online instructor. Of course, there is no reason to get her hopes up that she will get the position. She will go on with her day regardless, of what happens.


The foggy, misty, and chilly morning in Newport, Tennessee. The birds are still sleeping most of the time you hear them bright and early in the morning. The interstate traffic flows up and down. People heading to different destinations. The holidays are upon us as families come together and enjoy the holiday meals, games, and other things as well. What a wonderful time of year. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas with your family and friends.

The children are doing their studies, and listening to the radio on country music of course. Sham runs through the house looking for something to get into. She has worked hard at getting her information to become an online professor. Without letting her hopes become the better of her emotions this way she will not be too upset if they do not accept the application.

The children fight over the littlest things it is quite amazing how they do not think about what they are arguing over. They think that the parents do not hear everything they say.

Another year is just about gone and the next year is going yo be even better. She never thought that she would be this far from achieving some of the other goals that she has set out for herself.

The point in your life when what you do is for yourself. Your children are growing up and now it is time to fulfill your remainding dreams of being important and leaving a legacy behind. Time to pass on the knowledge and information that you have learned throughout your years. Learning more each day about politics, business, life, and everything else.