10 Tips for Writing Children and a Descriptive List

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By Sharla Rae

BabyCatInGrandpa'sHatWriting children into our stories can be both fun and dramatic, especially when using them as foils for our main characters. But if it’s been a few years since you’ve interacted with them personally, it’s easy to become out of touch with their world.

You’ll find a few references to teens in my list of descriptions at the end of this blog, but my main focus today is on younger children. I did, however, come across an excellent blog by John Green and Veronica Roth called The 8 Habits of Highly successful Young Adult Fiction Authors.They have excellent ideas for portraying teens so be sure to take a look.

10 Tips For Writing Children Characters:

The number one rule is when writing children can be said of any character: don’t fall into the caricature trap.

Children should be as interesting as the other characters in a…

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“The Process”

You know when you sit down at your computer, paper or whatever you use to write the words just flow from your mind and your fingers to the work. I started keeping a journal about my life and the many things that I do in a day’s time. With children there is never a dull moment, and there is always something to write about so before I realize that two hours have passed and I have written five or more pages on people that I have met, things that the children have done, or something about the dog. It is funny that you can write about your whole life and then transform it into a beautiful story. Of course, changing the names to protect the innocent people. There are many things that I write about and several areas that I write more about because they interest me the most. You cannot worry about grammar, punctuation or anything else when you type because you will get off track of what you are writing about. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post…….:)