The inspiration to keep you motivated to Write

The littlest things in your life can give you inspiration to be motivated throughout the day. You may be at work and something funny that your children has said brings a smile to your face. Watching the people come and go throughout your business might cause you to break a smile or even into a … Continue reading The inspiration to keep you motivated to Write

If I Had the World's Attention for Two Minutes

World's Columbian Exposition: exterior view, Chicago, United States, 1893. Well this is a tricky questions. Most of the time no one listens to what I have to say. But I would have to think long and hard about what to say to the whole world. It would have to be something good, and memorable.

Paper or Digital?

Writing home Well considering that I like to do a little of both. I have more luck with writing on paper than anything else. Even though writing on an electronic device comes in handy while I am work. I have written in the last two months over 30,000 words between paper and microsoft word. Along … Continue reading Paper or Digital?