Drug debate: Will punishing women who take drugs while pregnant – WRCBtv.com | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports

In my opinion I think that they should do this because they are not only hurting themselves; they are making their unborn child addicted to drugs that they should not be addicted to. Come on if a woman is taking drugs while they are pregnant they do not need to have children in the first place.

Putting them in a rehab is not going to solve anything because when they get out they will fall right back into the same problem they were in before. Before you know it they will be pregnant again without regards to what the drugs are doing to the baby growing inside of them.

You cannot help those who do not want to help themselves. Therefore, if it is going to take drug testing them before and after the baby is born so be it. No one can say whether or not they are not going to use after the baby is born. Once you become an addict of drugs that is all you think about and nothing else.

The doctors are the ones prescribing this medication, and drugs except for what they get on the street. They are going to be right back in the line getting more so they can get their fix. They are not going to care what happens to the child and personally I do not think that a woman who is pregnant; doing drugs; and not paying attention to what is happening to the unborn child should be able to keep it after it is born.

Maybe it will be a wakeup call and maybe it will not be a wakeup call. It was their choice to do the drugs and put the baby in danger so they should buck up and take the consequences of their actions.

Drug debate: Will punishing women who take drugs while pregnant – WRCBtv.com | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports

Your Appearance Means Everything

You know I have never thought about the clothes that I wear until recently. If I am at home I will put on something comfortable however, if I go out to the store or anywhere else I put on something that is presentable. I work with the public all day long. You have to present yourself with nice clothes instead of walking around in your comfortable clothes because you never know who you will run into while you are out in public.

People talk about you and you never know when it will get back to your family, manager’s, or the people that you work with. I do not want people talking badly about the way that I dress. I used to not wear make-up everyday. Here in the last year I do not go anywhere without putting make-up on or dressing appropriately for the occasion.

To make it in this world you have to present yourself the way that you want people to see you because it matters. Working with the public requires you to always have a smile on your face, and look like you are the one in charge. I have accomplished many things in the last few years and keeping up your appearance is the most important part of your career. I want to make something of my future and I believe that I am on the right path.

First impressions are the main key to letting people see how you interact with the people that you work with. First impressions are what gets you the job that you want. You have to stand out within the crowd, and you have to be a leader not a follower. This is something that I stress to my children everyday because that is how the world is today.

Here is to the future and making yourself feel good about your appearance makes you want to succeed in everything that you do in your life.

In this day and age companies have their pick of who they want to manage their company or business. You have to be outgoing, have a great personality, smile all the time, and keep your emotions to yourself. Sometimes this is hard to do but you have to put forth the effort.

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March is Women's History MonthMarch is Women’s History Month

In the past thrity years there have been a flood of women’s diaries and journals have been discovered and published. Attics, basements and libraries have provided perfect veils for the words and thoughts of women. No one excepted that others would be interesting in their thoughts or lives. So many lived blindingly boring lives trying to be what she was supposed to be. Feminist scholars have found many and later generations recognized the gift their grandmothers left for the world. Several anthologies of these finds have been compiled and published in honor of these women who were invisible and silent except for their pens.

It is hard to describe the variety of women’s diaries, journals, and letters; they resist categorization and comparison They now are called discontinuous prose.  Or writing that is done. Often letters are included in women’s writing. Diaries are often categorized by…

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What Conflicting Social trends were at work during the 20’s

The conflicting social trends that were at work during the 1920’s included women coming into the workforce, and taking over jobs that the men did during that time period. The Stock Market crash, automobiles had established fully, the 1920’s saw new technologies, and new inventions. The roaring twenty’s was a time of moving away from tradition. Rates of sexual activity both before and outside of marriage. Most women worked outside of the home in factories, stores, offices, and a growing amount of the middle class of women were attending college or entering into professional careers. During the 1920’s things like radio’s, telephones, and motion pictures created a mass culture that linked all Americans more closely.

A Change I Should Make

My life is wonderful

Life is

You know I have been asked before if there is anything that I would change about my past to make my life a little happier. But when I stop and think about how my life has turned out I would not change anything because then I would not be where I am today. Life is what you make of it and how you spend your life. You can spend your life depressed about how your life is not going well but it would not make you any happier. Or you can be thankful for the life that you have and make it better.

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