Little Things

She started reading a book that a friend let her  borrow “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” it is a very interesting book to say the least. It is quite amazing how we let the small things in life bring us down from where we are in our life. Everyone is so caught up in worrying about how other’s look at them. We tend to forget about how our actions affect other’s around us. It does not matter what other people think about you because you are the only one that you have to answer to in your life. The things that you do in your life reflect how you will be later on in life.

Life is what you make it and not worrying about the small things in life is something that you have to step back and think about how you would react to those things that bother you so much. You know when you are on a roll with something and someone steps in to help you with what you are doing you have to step back and re-evaluate what you were doing and focus on the steps that you should have taken before they stepped in to help.

The littlest things can trigger something inside and cause you to react in a different way than you should have reacted. Stepping back for just a second can change the way that you look at the situation and change your reaction. When she started writing years ago her children would always interrupt her to ask silly questions about a variety of things and she would react like it was an interruption of her quite time to write. When children are little they do not understand the concepts of quite time or that mommy is trying to work on something.

Finding the center of your aggravation and irritations can help in finding the right place to be so that the little things in life do not bother you as much. Sometimes we do not think about the things that we say or do because when you are just that type of person that is honest about everything that you do in life you tend to say things that you later probably should not have said in the first place. Many people have a hard time hearing the truth about anything that they do in life. Mostly, because they believe that they cannot take criticism from other’s. Many people think that they are helping and do not see the harm in what they are doing. However, by not allowing them to do  these things by themselves makes them think that they can never do it on their own.

Sometimes people do not think about the feelings of other’s and it is hard to think about how other’s are feeling because that is not how the world works. Sometimes people think that other’s do things just to make other’s feel small and not worth anything. Which in turn makes people feel like they are doing well at their job, at home, or anything in between. Sometimes people feel that they cannot do anything right and that they are not worth having around because other’s cannot get past the pet peeves that they have developed over time.

She is very honest with her children and tells them how it is in the real world. People are not going to take their feelings into consideration when you have a job to do. The world is a cruel and unusual place to be because no one cares about the feelings of other’s and they will not take your feelings into consideration. You have to be careful in the things that you say to people because it may come back to bite you later on in your life. You have to be careful in this world because people are so sensitive to anything you say to them. They have no backbone and cannot take criticism of any kind. They do not want to hear the things that they are doing wrong. They just want to hear about the things that they are doing right.


Life in the Fast Lane


Hello reader’s, she knows that it has been quite some time since posting anything on this blog. It is funny how life gets in the way of the things that you love to do. However, life is something that you have to take with a grain of salt. Throughout, our life things happen to where you cannot get things that you would like to do done. When you finally get to that point in your life where you have the things that you want out of life you can only try and reach for better things that will make your life better. It is hard to sit down and make time for writing when you have a busy schedule. Although, it is mostly procrastination that keeps you from doing the things that you should be doing to keep your audience interested in what you are writing about and keeping them coming back to read something else that you have written.

To be the writer you have to actually set time aside from your life to write about things that interest you and your reader’s. That is the main thing right there setting aside time from work, homeschooling, and life to write about what is on your mind. A few years ago she did not have any problems sitting down at her desk and writing about what was on her mind. However, the more recent years have become more wrapped up in work, and homeschooling her children to get them ready for the outside world. Keeping in mind that her main reason for writing was to give advice of things that have worked for her that could possibly help other’s in the world.

She has always loved to write and spent long hours working on a book that she has not even looked at since things in her life turned around for the better. She needs to realize that she can never publish a book without putting in the effort to getting it finsished and edited. Putting aside all the times that she laid around the house on her day’s off from work to enjoy the day. She could spend that time to write about things that maybe could help other’s in the world. You know when you work six days straight and homeschool in the afternoon grading papers, and making sure that they have done the required work that they were supposed to do you find that most of your time is spent doing the things that you have to do.  Sometimes that does not leave time for anything else like the things that you would love to be doing.

She spends most of her time working and spending quality time with her family. Taking on of her day’s off to just be lazy and not think about the things that she needs to be doing. It is making up excuses why she is not writing the things that she should because she just does not want to take the time to sit down at her desk and spend the time writing. So now, she needs to make the decision on whether or not she wants to keep the work going and spend the time each day to make sure that she sits down and writes. All it takes is actually sitting down at the computer and spending a little time writing about what has happened in her life to get her where she is today.

It is time to make that change in her life to keep her interested in the things that she loves to do and spend that little extra time in compiling some articles to publish throughout the week. She is excited about keeping her reader’s interested in continuing to come to her blog to read what she writes about and she will set time out of her day to accomplish what she started so many years ago.

In the midst

Fellow readers I just realized that I have not posted anything since January of this year.  I am disappointed in myself for not posting anything. However, things are busy in my life that does not allow much time for anything else.  There are so many things in your life and sometimes you cannot control the situations that happen in your life.  I am always telling the children not to make excuses.  The problem is that with being a manager, and homeschooling there is not much time for anything else. 

Priority number one is to make sure the children are getting the grades they should. Priority number two is to make sure I am focused at work to be the best manager I can be. Priority number three is to spend quality time with the family.  Writing is something that is for free time that I do not have much if anymore.  Therefore,  even if I only post once or twice a month from here on out that would be okay. I love to write however pressing matters come first. I know that people understand the importance of life and the things that we must do.

What is amazing is that people are still enjoying the articles that I have done over the years, and will enjoy them for  years to come.  As I move forward in my life with the new job and everything else I know that one day I will be able to put my writing abilities to work. One day I will be able to write when and where I want until that time I will post when I can.



The End of Day Routine

The first thing that I do when I get home from work is say hello to my family and see how their day has gone. For the most part I am home during the day and can see how their day goes. After having a couple cups of coffee, and checking my email, or other things. It is nice to have some quiet time when I get home from work to relax my mind and regroup on what I need to do. Most of the week I have assignments that are due and discussion questions that need to be answered. But somehow I managed to get everything done and turned in on time. When I get done with school work and grading paper’s I like to play some games on Facebook! That is addicting in itself. Very seldom do I go without checking Facebook for one thing or another. I like to write some about the day and week’s that I have had. Who I have met, and conversations that we have. But the most important thing is spending time with my family when I get home from work.

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Taxable Income

While researching the methods of cash basis versus accrual basis of accounting within The Michele Corporation to determine on which one would work better for the Corporation. By discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both methods will give The Michele Corporation a better understanding of which method would work the best for the business. In defining, the Constructive Receipt role within the corporation and how it pertains to The Michele Corporation. Cash basis and Accrual basis methods will both be considered for this corporation so that a decision about the corporations standing.
The cash method of the Michele Corporation happens when the sales are recorded when they are paid. About the only time, a business can record cash when passed through the hands of the business owner or it is an expense. Unlike the accrual basis in which the credits are recorded instead of when the cash was received. The debits of the business are owed instead of when they are paid by the company. By using, the cash accounting method simplifies the Michele Corporation, which allows the Michele Corporation to reduce the bookkeeping costs, and takes less time than the accrual method of accounting. The cash basis accounting allows the Michele Corporation to determine their current profitability by keeping the balance sheet so that the business owner can assess the information concerning the financial situation of the Michele Corporation. The Michele Corporation’s advantage to using the cash is that the corporation would not have to pay taxes on the monies that have not been received by the corporation. According to Jones R and Pendlebury (2000, p. 143), cash-based accounting is a major accounting method that recognizes revenues and expenses at the time physical cash received or paid out, and justified on the grounds that the government budgetary, and control process is an annual.
One of the disadvantages of the cash method is that for small businesses and individuals the cash flows could be restricted during certain times. This is something that would to be looked at during this research process. In the first place, the receipt of non-cash forms of payment creates revenue equal to the value of the payment (Jones, 2011). Many companies that deal with cash business from consumers the cash basis of accounting would be simply better and convenient along with reliability for the corporation. Unlike accrual basis, “income and expenses are recorded when they occur in a fiscal period instead of when the company receives or pays cash.” (Horngren, 2008. p. 687). The Michele Corporation would be able to track expenses and cash, which would not require a bookkeeper. Another disadvantage of the cash method is that if records are not kept the company may not make their payments in a timely fashion because they will not know what they have made if the transactions are not kept in order or written down in a journal or ledger. Because the cash method could be manipulated to defer income and accelerate deductions, the tax law limits its use by large corporations (Jones, 2011).
The accrual method within the Michele Corporation refers to the basic rules or guidelines that the business keeps their financial records. A corporation has to have pristine records so that all monies are accounted for within the corporation. The Michele Corporation has to decide which one of the methods would work for this situation. By understanding, both the cash and accrual methods of accounting will allow The Michele Corporation to see which one would work better for the business, Depending on the type of legal methods, the small business has to decide whether they will extend credit to customers or pay the tax on the cash that The Michele Corporation brings in.
According to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), only the accrual method of accounting correctly measures annual income (Jones, 2011). The accrual method within The Michele Corporation has some advantages. One of the advantages of the accrual method is that the financial information about the corporation can be recorded as the transactions occur not when the cash received from the consumer. The accrual basis method of accounting allows the corporation to prepare the financial statements so that they can view at any time to see where the financial standing is within the corporation. Furthermore, the accrual method does not take into consideration whether the corporation has paid the bills or not.
One of the disadvantages of the accrual method for accounting is that it is complicated and rather expensive for The Michele Corporation. The cost to implement and employ the accrual method for The Michele Corporation is expensive compared to the cash method in accounting. Another disadvantage in using the accrual basis method for The Michele Corporation would result in the corporation may owe taxes on the income before the corporation receives that income. With the “cash basis this is used for smaller companies when they record revenue after they receive the cash and pay out cash, that can be tremendously misleading for the financial statements” (Weygandt, 2008).
Constructive receipt is applied to an account when the income is credited to the taxpayer’s account. This means that when The Michele Corporation receives credited income allows the taxpayer to draw on the income during the taxable year. If the payment is received and not cashed or lost The Michele Corporation would still have to claim it as income because it would be a restriction composed on The Michele Corporation. Having a business requires understanding on how accounting works within the business. By having, a clear understanding the owners can see the financial standing of the corporation. If the corporation sees that there are items that need to be taken away or are not needed anymore, the corporation should dispose to reduce the cost of the corporation.
By keeping informed about the corporation’s net present value, will help to determine if the new retail store will make it. Depending on the information that is found within the research by determining the net present value of how the corporation’s financial standings are at the end of the fiscal year. This is information that must be made available to the corporation. On the cash basis records are not required but should be kept to account for the money that he or she has made.
In conclusion, the cash and accrual methods both have some advantages and disadvantages concerning business. The Michele Corporation needs to decide which methods would work better for the business. Funnell W and Cooper K (1998 pg 129), the difference between accrual basis accounting and cash basis accounting revenues and expenses are recorded. In my opinion, I would have to say that the recommendation would have to be the cash basis method because the


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Choosing An Entity

Choosing a type of entity on how this business endeavor will operate will involve deep consideration with how the business is taxed along with the liability that comes with operating a business. During this research project will consist of control, management, authority, the number of owners, length of existence, owners, and profits. To make a decision on which entity this business endeavor will fall in the business owner must look at all pros and cons associated with each of these entities: sole proprietorship, Limited Liability Corporation, subchapter S corporation, and C Corporation.
A sole proprietor owns the business assets in his or her own name and is personally liable for the business debts (Jonas, 2011). Sole Proprietorship consists of one owner this type of entity has some good advantages and some bad advantages when it concerns business. The owner themselves is responsible for all liabilities and taxes that the owner will incur during the length of their business. One of the first things that the business owner would need to accomplish would be to file a fictitious name for the business. Sole proprietorships are the most common form of business entity in the United States (Jonas, 2011). One of the advantages of a business owner is that it will entitle the business owner to invest in capital, to limit the personal liability, and will limit the risk to investors within the business. Another advantage that a sole proprietor has over a corporation is that the sole proprietor is the owner accountant cashier controls the inventory and runs the business their selves. Unlike the corporations, these types of businesses have to pay for these types of services just to make it through the day.
One of the disadvantages of a sole proprietorship would include the unlimited liability that comes with owning businesses. Whereas, many business owners will take out loans to obtain things as a sole proprietors use their own money to make things happen within their business. Another downfall for a sole proprietor is that if the funding is not available to them the business owner will have to pay-out-of pocket for the tools necessary to make the business grow. Using the money made from the business, and putting it back into the business allows a little more freedom for the business owner to expand the business further. When a business factors in the gear insurance, and vehicle maintenance for the business will add up over time. However, if the business owner factors in taking out loans there would be quite a bit of things at stake for the business owner because then the creditors will be able to take the business any cash and anything else, that was put up for collateral for the business loan. Therefore, would leave the business owner at the mercy of the creditor until the loan is paid off.
The Limited Liability Corporation has some disadvantages when it concerns business. One of these factors would include double taxation because the business is liable for taxes as well as the owners within the business. Developing, a limited liability company the owner is requires sharing their information with the internal revenue service. When the second tax hits the pockets of the LLC members but on the other hand, the LLC can elect taxation as a sole proprietor, which would make the business pass-through entities. Instead of having to file on the business level with the internal revenue service, the owner of the business would be liable for the taxes on their personal income tax. The major disadvantage of the partnership form is the unlimited personal liability of the general partners for business debt (Jonas, 2011). Another disadvantage of the Limited Liability Company is that if a member passes away or decides to sell his or her portion of the company. The LLC will have to terminate the member’s affairs within the company, and file the dissolution documents required with the LLC state of formation. One major unresolved issue is the extent to which members are subject to self-employment tax on their LLC income (Jonas, 2011).
One of the advantages of having a limited liability corporation is that the members of the company are those that decide which member wants to control all aspects of the business or just a few on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, the members may decide to appoint non-members outside of the company to the positions to maintain the daily affairs of the company. Another advantage of operating an LLC is that it provides personal asset protection without the formalities of a corporation (Jonas, 2011). LLCs are a newly developed organization form that raises various tax questions concerning the operations of the LLCs and have not been resolved. Business owners must consider this and consult with the other members of the company to make sure that all boundaries are in place to organize the LLC.
A subchapter S corporation is a corporation organized under state law, which becomes a subchapter S by the unanimous election of its shareholders. One of the pre-dominant characteristics of this type of corporation is the limited liability of the shareholders within the corporation. Furthermore, taxes are based on the earnings of the stockholder, and his or her ownership of the corporation. If the corporation were to have financial problems and could not pay the debts, the corporate creditors would not have any claim to the personal assets of the shareholders within the corporation. The shareholder’s risk within the corporation would be the investment that they have made for the corporation. The income that the S corporation has accrued will be listed on the form 1120S (U.S. Income Tax Return for a S Corporation) by the shareholders. The corporations’ income or loss allocated among the shareholders within the corporation and based on the percentage of ownership within this corporations outstanding stock. Another advantage to an S corporation is that there are no statutory limits on the invested capital, number of employees, or the volume of sales. One of the disadvantages of having an S corporation is that the corporation itself cannot have more than 100 stockholders and can have one class of stock within the corporation. A family may elect for all family members to be treated as one shareholder (Jonas, 2011). S Corporations have to follow the same guidelines as regular corporations and some fringe benefits are not available. Another disadvantage to an S corporation would include that the shareholders have to contribute property, money, or loan the money to the corporation, and is not a guaranteed debt.
All C corporations have the power to attract the top-notch employees. Limited liability is an advantage to having a C corporation many businesses prefer to incorporate because of the limited liability for such an entity. Raising capital can be easier for a corporation than for a partner or sole proprietorship because the corporation will sell the stocks that they have invested. This means that more investors can be lured in with the right amount of sales. Investors want to be sure that they will be making a profit off the investments that they make with corporations. Corporations have fringe benefits like group term life insurance, health, and disability insurance, death payments up to $5, 000, and medical expenses not paid by the insurance, which can be deducted as a business expense.
Some of the disadvantages of C corporations consist of double taxation, which means that after the corporation has to pay taxes on the profits earned at the corporate level. All corporations have to abide by the intricate corporate laws, which are put in place by the state and federal government. Some of the costs that is generated by this disadvantage is the lawyers, and tax preparers will need to be hired. Meeting with the board of director’s will have to be held which will be documented and timed. All members of the corporation must approve all actions within the corporation.
In conclusion, as a business owner the entity that would be chosen for this endeavor would have to be the LLC for the simple fact that the business would be a family business and would allow the members to pay the taxes based on the earnings within that fiscal year. With any type of business endeavor there will be advantages and disadvantages to any one of the entities. It depends on what type of risk the business owner is willing to take to achieve the goals set forth by the business owner.

Jones, S. M., & Rhoades-Catanach, S. C. (2011). Principles of taxation for business and investment planning: 2011 edition (14th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

A Wonderful Experience still Thrives


What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

The one experience that has changed my life was going to college. Without the knowledge and understanding of how the world works in relation to the business aspects of life I would not be where I am today. Of course, without my family sticking behind me throughout the years of college I would not have made it through those trying times. Now that I have finished college and working on finding the right career for me I find that it is not a picnic when it comes to finding that right job. With the economy the way that it is right now and the lack of jobs makes it harder to find that perfect job. I find myself wondering why I went to college in the first place and then I look at my children and family they are the reason why I have made it this far in my life. Without their help and understanding of the importance of going to college and obtaining that degree. The feeling that you get when you have accomplished something so great is outstanding. To know that I have made an impression on my children is all the gratitude that I need to keep the faith that something will come my way. I know that I have the skills, knowledge, and the will to make my life the best that it can be without having people tell me that I have done a good job. Looking back on the years of college, the long nights, and the other things that come with going after the things that you want. I have to say that these were the best times of my life. It is an amazing feeling to know that you have inspired your children to go to college and work towards something that they want to do and where they want their career to be when they finally make it to that point in their life. Four years from now my children will graduate with their high school diploma, and the last four years of homeschooling will be over. I know that I have done my job as a parent and teacher because they love to learn. Teaching the basics of life and the real world will be an experience that I will never forget. I hope that they turn out to be the best at everything that they do. The business world requires so much from people these days and sometimes it is hard to imagine how they survived back in the old days. Everyone can have something in their life that changes the way that they look at things. Only you can make the changes in your life the way that you want them to turn out. Without the will to make those changes no one can help you because you will not help yourself. I have tried to understand the things that have happened over the years. However, I have come to realize that things happen for a reason and we should not question the outcome of those reasons. As with anything like in the picture the long road ahead can open new doors and new obstacles that you will face throughout your life. You have the power to change anything that comes into your life.

Give three examples of important tradeoffs that you face in your life

180211_10150960014629939_177941515_nSome of the tradeoffs that she faces in her life deal with homeschooling, college, work, and family. Sometimes it is hard to make enough time in the day for these things that she holds dear to her heart. Sometimes there is not enough time and you have to make sure that you have the time to get the required things done with the allocated time that you have during a day. You have to spend your time wisely to manage to get the items done in the allocated time that you have set out for those items. First, homeschooling is important because the future of her children is in the midst of learning what to expect in the outside world. So making the right amount of time to spend with her children to make sure that they learn the basic concepts that they will need to know in the real world. Secondly, college in order for her to further her career, and learning experience she needs to make the most of her college learning experience and use the information in the outside world. Many companies today are looking for people that are educated and understand the concepts of running a business. She needs to make sure that she has allocated enough time for her to understand the concepts that she will learn in her classes, and how she can use them in the real world. Furthermore, making time for your family is the most important because they come first in your life. She knows that having your family stand beside you through the hard times, good times, and any other times that may become a part of your life. Making time for the family can involve many things like taking them out on an outing, having a barbeque, watching a movie together or just spending quality time together as a family.  People do not manage their time wisely therefore, they are stressing about the things that they need to accomplish throughout the day. Planning your day with schedules, and making sure that you have the right amount of time to spend on each of the things that you need to accomplish will leave you feeling that you have accomplished something today.  The part of your day that takes up at least eight hours of your time is work. This is essential in making the money to pay the bills, and other things that you need in your life. Without money, you cannot accomplish much in your life so you have to allocate your time to make the money that you need to make it in the world. Everything that you do in life revolves around money, and you cannot make ends meet without that green paper money that everyone strives to make enough of to make life easier and without worries. Some of the things that you learn in college help you understand the concepts in the real world. Any business wants to make money that is why they are a business.