Views Of The World


Everyone has their own views of the world, and everyone has their own opinions about many different things around the world. To be able to speak your mind about the different things that you see in the world is something that people take for granted. Many people do not voice their opinions about things that happen in the world today. She does not understand many things about observing the things that people do in this world. However, if it makes them happy then they have the right to do what they want and how they want.

Not everyone has the same outlook about the many different things that people do in this world. It is their right to do with their life how they see fit. Sometimes people just do not agree with the lifestyle that some people choose. Other’s make fun of those who do not do the same thing as them. It is a funny world because people who do not go out and party, go out with friends, and basically stick to themselves are the ones that get made fun of in this world. Just because they do not like doing these things does not mean that they do not have a life. They spend their time with their family because they are the ones that will always be there for them when they need it the most.

For example, a girl spends her time reading books, writing, spending time with family, and making a life for herself. She does not have many friends and seems to be out of place where ever she goes. It does not bother her that she does not have many friends because she has her family. Her thoughts about the whole situation is that she has a wonderful life and she could not ask for more. She has everything that she could possibly want at this point in her life. She does not need conformation about anything that she does in her life because she knows that she will indeed have what she wants before she leaves this world.

People make fun of her because they believe that she misses out on many things. People think that she is judgmental and that she does not have an open mind about some things. It does not matter to her what people think about her because she knows where she wants to be five years from now. She has dreams and aspirations that she would like to achieve in her life to make sure that her children have the things that they need.

Cultures are different no matter where you go in the world what people do here in the United States would mean something totally different in another country. In some countries if a woman has sex out of wedlock they are shunned from their family because they are considered dirty. In other countries women who are raped are the ones that get put in jail or even sentenced to death. How is that right? Because it is their culture.

The Amish people send their teenagers out into the world to find out what they would like to do for the rest of their life. They have the chance to experience what other teenager’s do here in the world. Many of them go back to their faith and other’s like the freedom that they have outside of their community.

Throughout the world of many different cultures and views of how things should be done you have to make up your own mind about how you perceive the world through your eyes, feelings, emotions, and how you want to raise your children. You cannot let other’s make up your mind about how the world is or where you want to believe in.

There are places that she would like to visit and things that she would like to experience in the world. She knows that many parts of the world have different foods, customs, morals, expectations, and many more. Experiencing life can be something good if you pay attention and make the right decisions in your life.

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Success in the world

3) What factors might allow a brand a potentially long life? What roles might product functionality and product design have on brand success? What advantages might a small business have in developing a branding strategy over a large business? What disadvantages?

The factor is which might allow a brand a potentially longer life within the market would be quality, customer satisfaction, and the cost of the product. If the product that the company is marketing is functional and is top notch with no mistakes the success of this product would be beneficial to the company. One of the things that the business has to look for is whether or not a competitor is selling the product for a cheaper price. Although spending less does not guarantee that the product will work. The hope is to make sure that the consumer will purchase this product again from your establishment. In any business the success of a product depends on consumer satisfaction.

Something else that the business or company needs to look at during the marketing process is the brand of product must be taken into account and that there will be different outcomes to the end result of the product. Small business may have an advantage with developing strategies over the larger businesses because they have more room to experiment with the product. When a business starts out on a clean slate they are able to see what they can perfect about the product to entice customer’s to purchase their products over and over.

If I Had the World's Attention for Two Minutes

World’s Columbian Exposition: exterior view, Chicago, United States, 1893.

Well this is a tricky questions. Most of the time no one listens to what I have to say. But I would have to think long and hard about what to say to the whole world. It would have to be something good, and memorable.

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The World is a Promiscuous Place

As she watched the news today, they were talking about how people deal with having no caffeine and how doctors consider it a mental disorder. The lack of caffeine can cause you to have headaches, feel fatigued, and many other symptoms. Everything in this world has a mental disorder and soon people will have all kinds of things wrong with them. It is truly amazing that things have turned out this bad in our so-called America. The news also stated that the FDA was looking to try to control what food items have caffeine in them because it has effects on children. It is not the children’s fault for drinking or eating caffeine products. No one talks about how parents allow their children to eat or drink items that contain caffeine. Many parents buy their children whatever they want just so they will be quiet and they will not have to deal with them if they have what they want. How did people survive in the olden days when caffeine was rare? Getting a soda or anything that contained sugar was a treat unless it was homemade by your mother. Today it is all about convenience and of course, people pay the price for convenience. They want it now and nothing will stand in their way because they want it now. It does not matter if they have the money because they will take from one thing so that they can have it right now. It is convenient to buy Pop tarts, sugar filled cereal, cakes, candy bars, sodas, and many other things for your children to eat. However, it is inconvenient to buy things that actually take time to prepare because it is better for you in most aspects.

People buy these products to keep their children occupied so that they do not have to deal with them. Just like buying your children whatever they want when you go out to eat. It is quite amazing that people buy their children everything that they want and ask for in this day and time.  With the economy the way that it is, they spend and spend. It is as if they have a never-ending supply of money and they think that it will never run out. What is everyone going to do when the United States government starts telling them what they can and cannot use to wipe their behind? How are people going to react when the government stipulates when they can go and get gas from the gas station or they start rationing food as they did during the 1920’s? People just do not understand that the world is going in the same direction that it did during those times. They say that the economy is getting better and there is a surplus of jobs. Where are these jobs China, Asia, Europe, and other countries?  What are the college students going to do when they cannot find a job with the education that they spent getting?

Decadent Americans who think that money grows mysteriously on trees and they will never run out of money.  Americans do not speak out enough about what is happening in the world today. While taking classes at the University of Phoenix some of the electives included history and of course, you find out a lot of valuable information when taking these classes. Some of the things that the items covered in those classes talked about the 1920’s, The Stock Market Crash, The Great Depression and many other historical items. However, when you talk to people about these types of things they look at you as if you are crazy and you do not know what you are talking about and they do not see how one thing as to do with the other. They think that the world is getting better, and there are not any problems with what is happening in the world today. If they would only pick up some books and read about things that happened years ago, they would understand that those same things are happening now.

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What is the opportunity cost of seeing a movie?


The opportunity cost of seeing a movie in this day and time means that you are going to give up the money that you would spend on that movie instead of using it for something else that you may need later on during the week. This happens a lot in the world because people think that money is everlasting, and they will always have an abundance of money coming in. However, this is not the case in the real world. You do not have an abundance of money coming in and it never lasts long enough. Choosing how to spend your money wisely is the most important lesson of your life because you have other things to think about when that time comes. People do not think about the consequences of their actions until they have committed the act. Spending your money on movies, fast food or other things only to turn around and complain that you do not have the money for food, gas or other things that you need that are more important to survive in the world today. Many people watch the money that they spend because it is something that does not come easily. Most people have to work forty hours a week to make enough money to pay for the important bills that they may have everything else is optional. Some people have second jobs to make their spending money for the week so that they can enjoy going to the movies, out to dinner or other things that they may like to do. Do you know it took us three years and debates over buying a flat screen television because there were other pressing items before we wanted to spend money on something that is only going to amuse us for a little while during the day. Mainly the children because she does not watch that much television to begin with. Some things in life are optional and sometimes it is something they do not really need but want. You have the opportunity to make money and only spend what you want on the material things in life. However, people need electric, water, food, and gas to make it through in the world today. With every step that you take, every table that you serve you are making the money that you need to pay the bills. It may not be much but if you spend your money wisely and watch what you spend it on anything is possible. Many people think that they are owed to have everything that they want in life however, when you grow up and finally get your own place you will see that you cannot have everything that you want. It is not logical in this day and time to spend thousands of dollars on pointless things just to make yourself happy with your life. You are what makes your life and if you want more things out of life you have to make sacrifices whether you like the outcomes or not.

Tax Breaks for Small Businesses

There are many changes going on in the world today for small business’s. One of the changes that comes to my mind is the Jobs Act that President Obama has signed. Within the Act there are tax breaks for the small business and also allows them access to better credit. So that business owners can rest assured that their business will survive. This is good news to anyone who is interested in starting a small business and for the small business owners. Larger business’s will suffer because they are not getting the tax breaks because they are larger business’s. When you stop and think about a small company that has less than 30 employees against a company that has over 200 or more employee’s there is a big difference in the tax bracket. But the larger company will get the higher taxes but what they will do is raise the price on their products and tax the consumer. When a company’s taxes increase so do the prices of their products. I would only want a small business and I would like to see it grow into something bigger but for right now starting out with a small business is the best idea with the way that the economy is going right now. Now I will tell you the location of the business is also something that will affect the business and how much business it will receive.

My January 2012


quit smoking

My year is off to a great start. My fiance and I quit smoking as part of our New Year’s resolution. Some of the other parts were about how to start making money for ourselves instead of spending our waking days working for other people. it is amazing how once you quit smoking you find that the smell is the worst thing besides the health problems that it will cause over the course of a year or two. I have been smoking since I was 17 years old and have finally been able to put them down. We invested some money into the ecigarette’s and they have worked wonder’s in quitting the worst habit that a person can have. I will never pick up another one for the rest of my days. It is a habit that I do not care to have ever again.

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How Often I Travel

My three month Vacation

I will have to say that with three children, school, homeschool, work, and everything else that I have to do in a days time it is hard to make time for a trip outside of the state that I live in. On the other hand we do try to make it to Florida to see family once a year so that we get a break from the day to day grind. well other than a vacation here and there we do not make it out of the state or town for much of anything else. One day we are planning to move to Costa Rica and retire there. Of course that is a long way off from now.

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