The Holiday Season

During the holiday season, spending time with family; friends is something everyone does around the world. Holidays are a time of sharing those special moments with the ones that you love.

The dinner was with everyone, enjoyed the good; food made by everyone who came. The dinner had a beautiful Ham, green beans, baked beans, macaroni salad, potato salad, mashed potatoes, and deviled eggs. Of course, there are enough leftovers for dinner tonight and possibly the next night.

The stresses of the holidays are over, and things will get back to normal. The children have the week off from school. The wind is gushing over the house. It is rather scary to listen to right now. The wind is blowing under the trailer as well and messing up the television. Bad weather is on the way while she sits here watching Frasier. Another morning of quiet time for mommy! Relaxing and soothing everyone should take time for themselves. She walks into the kitchen and watches; the interstate traffic; going in both directions. The holiday traffic and crowds will swarm the malls, Walmart, and other shops with returns.

It’s a little after seven o’clock this morning, and the sun has not risen yet. The lights surround the mountains in the darkness are amazing many people live throughout the mountains. She fed George the turtle this morning. He is a funny turtle sometimes. He will try to get out of the cage. Sometimes he flutters his front hands around his face. The children have three frogs Lizzie, Fred, and little Tim. They ate learning about the frogs; our lizard speedy Gonzalez! The children name all of the little; bugs that they have studied the past year.

The cherry tomato plants are doing wonderfully; the avocado trees need to be potted; for inside plants. Two or three lemon plants are growing along with herbs and other items as well. The gnats populate an endless supply of food for the frogs and the lizard. The children collect many different species of food for the frogs and lizards. This project has turned out to be a wonderful; project for the children; myself to learn more about the plant and insect life around us.

The snow is sometimes the best part of living in the mountains. Sometimes you wake up to six to twelve inches in some areas; maybe more in other areas depending, how far up you are in the mountains. Although, you know the mountains are a place to retire for the rest of your life. Young adults need to broaden their horizons and live life in the city where the good jobs are and make money. Saving money is a hard row to keep up with, especially when you have children. However, throughout your struggles and strive, you find the way to a better life for your children.

Sometimes when you have good news that benefits you as parents, decide what is best for the family. Sometimes you cannot let your children have a say in what they would like to do. They know this is the best move for their family and will work out for everyone. It is astounding she sits here, and the words flow from her mind right onto the paper. She has always had the gift of writing and never gave much thought to it, but here she is writing away about her life. Everyone has a good story in their life; you have to find out what yours will turn out so, keep at it. 

Well, here is to a new beginning as we travel to our next destination

Until next time.  

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