Keeping Tabs On Minimum Wage


Now, the following article is not to bash anyone that receives help in anyway, fashion or form.  This is just an article about what she heard on the news the other day. It is also a perspective because she was a server at one time. She knows how much a server may or may not make. She also knows what a server may or may not claim as income. In the end server’s make over minimum wage.

The other day she was listening to the news about how they would like to raise the minimum wage to the same amount as other employee’s. Now, if you stop and think about what a server makes at some of the restaurants it would blow your mind. These people who say that they do not make enough to live on is dead wrong. If they would stop buying things that they should not and use that money towards the things that they should they would have the money to make ends meet.

For example, if you work five days a week and make at least $50 that is $250 dollars now if you make more on the weekends like lets say a server makes on Friday $90, Saturday $100, and Sunday $100 then include the other two days that is around $390 plus their wage per hour and here in Florida that is around $4.92 per hour which equals to $196.80 dollars, which is $586.80 a week without taxes, meals, insurance (if they are enrolled), and social security. So this in turn equals to 586.80/40 = $14.67 an hour for a 40 hour work week. Now, most server’s do not claim every dollar that they make when they are a server. They only claim what they need to keep the IRS off of their back. Now, the wage per hour plus around $30 dollars to make it up to the minimum wage requirement. Okay so lets say that a server makes $4.92 an hour and makes $50.00 in tips for one shift. A 7 hour shift would be $34.44 for that shift at $4.92 an hour, then the server only has to claim $21.21 in excess of their tips of $50.00 that would leave $28.79 a day that they did not claim. In turn that is about $145.00 that is extra that they did not claim. Then when you multiply that by four weeks in a month  it equals $575.80 a month that the server did not claim. This money could have gone to pay bills, food, clothing, diapers, wipes, and so on. Instead people use this money for things that they do not need but because they want it and think that they deserve it.

So if they make anywhere from $300-$500 a week that is a significant amount that they are not claiming. That is their right and they have to take it up with the IRS when they file their taxes. However, to raise the minimum wage to $10.00 an hour for all employee’s is a crazy idea because lets say that a server makes $500 dollars a week in tips plus their hourly wage of $4.92 that is a total of $696.80/40 = $17.40 dollars an hour for a 40 hour work week. Minus the taxes, meals, and social security, which is not very much for a server. Many places take out for your meals the most of which is around $2.00 a day.

Now, not all weeks are like this however, if a server is making this much a week and spending it on nails, cell phones, eating out, movies, bars, partying, and other things why are they complaining that they cannot afford their bills, living expenses, and other things like that. Come on we are not here to make sure that everyone in this world is happy. What is considered a livable wage? People are not worried about making their bill payments when they are living way above their means. Of course, this is their choice but they should not complain about not being able to pay their bills. Because they should worry about their bills before buying all the extra’s that they do not need. Instead of saving that extra money when the business is good they spend it all. They have to take out loans, and complain to customer’s about not being able to pay their bills.

If you were to add this up for the month and she loves playing with numbers at $696.80 a week for four weeks that equals $2747.20 a month divided by 4 weeks in a month still equals $17.42 an hour for 160 hours a month. So they are making good money the average bills of a home Water bill $40, Electric bill $200-$300, gas bill $200- $300, Food for a family of four $400 (depending on what you buy). So that is a total of $1040 a month minus their wages for the month, which still leaves $1707.20 before the taxes are taken out of their weekly wages.  Many of them pay rent which here in Florida is around $500-1000 dollars a month depending on your income, whether you are living in places that base it on your income. So if many of them are paying $550 a month that is still $1200.00 that they have extra a month.

This is not including the help that they receive from the government food stamps, Medicare, and Welfare. Some people need this help however, some of them are using the system to benefit them so they can go out buy steaks, eat out, junk food, energy drinks, and buy things that they would not buy if they had to do it on their own without any help. A family of four receives around $300-$400 dollars a month in food stamps which is determined on the amount of money they bring in monthly. Some people that get the help turn around and sell their food stamps to other people, for drugs, alcohol, or money to pay for their bills.

You can always tell when you walk through Wal-Mart at the people who receive the help or not by what is in their cart. Steaks, pork chops, full racks of ribs, pop tarts, boxed cereals, soft drinks, and other things like that virtually no healthy food what so ever. If people need the help that is fine and the taxpayer’s do not have a problem with helping those in need. However, the people that do not need the help are just abusing the programs and receiving the help that could give more help to the ones that do need it like the elderly, and single parents.

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